Theophilus Tales of a Turtle

Turtle Strength

I passed by a turtle in the road yesterday. A truck was coming toward the turtle. I tensed, hoping I wasn’t about to witness a smushing. “Please, please don’t smush the turtle” I muttered. I noticed the turtles’ head stretched out of his shell…stretched further than any little turtle head I have ever seen! I […]

Uncle Turlte Rescued

Dear Theopilus, As  I was coming home from church Sunday I noticed Uncle Turtle in the way There he was sitting still Just over a little hill He sat in the very middle of the road I was hoping he learned to hop like a toad We screeched past him with hearts sinking But wait, […]

Soaking in God’s Grace

Dearest Theophilus Turtle, While cruising around the lake and admiring the sun dancing on the water’s face I stopped in my tracks as I noticed you there, soaking in God’s grace. What joy it brought to my heart, and oh, did my soul take a leap within To see you with those you refer to […]

Written for Theophilus

Dear Kim, Theophilus asked me to write on his behalf. I have stories that will make you laugh. We met just soon after you were gone. He was sad, sitting there alone. I asked if he would like to climb up a tree He replied “not really, are you kidding, it’s me.” He showed me […]

Theophilus, Theophilus, Where Are You?

Dear Theophilus, I just want to let you know. I missed you in the snow. Were you warm?  Did you have food? What are you like in the cold? What’s your mood? During the storms, and winds oh so strong Were you able to stay in your home where you belong? Did waters flood you […]

Theophilus Turtle Thrives!

Theophilus (my turtle friend) continues on the path set before him. I saw him again yesterday and obviously he doesn’t live on whims. Destination reached and turned toward home. He sat basking in his sunshine dome. Head held high toward God’s precious grace. His mind is set on the prize of this race. Not defeated […]

Turtle Strength Continues

I have named the turtle, Theopilus. The Books of Luke and Acts were written to a man named Theopilus. We don’t know much about him (well, he knew Luke). The name means lover of God; loved by God; or friend of God. I think my little turtle friend certainly is loved by God. And Theopilus makes […]