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Theophilus Turtle Thrives!

Theophilus (my turtle friend) continues on the path set before him.

I saw him again yesterday and obviously he doesn’t live on whims.

Destination reached and turned toward home.

He sat basking in his sunshine dome.

Head held high toward God’s precious grace.

His mind is set on the prize of this race.

Not defeated in the recent storms and winds.

Never hiding in his shell hoping it will all end.

Never flinching when forces pass to and fro.

Head held high he thrives, he lives, he grows.

This turtle serves a purpose in God’s great plan.

He is unafraid and unveiled much more than man.

Each time he sits upon my way.

Theophilus is my example of strength for the day.

I thank God for this turtle and the message He sends.

No matter, I know that I have hope like my friend.


copyright june 26. 2010

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