I think we have one purpose and one main desire that we all share. Each and every one of us wants someone who will love and care about us. Babies don’t thrive without human touch and intimacy. Children feel less afraid if they know someone is nearby. Even if the someone is actually a stuffed […]

Safe People Great article on being a safe person…explains how we do this in imitation of Christ.

Unsafe People

I speak and teach often about being a safe or unsafe person. While preparing to speak at a memorial today, I ran across this article. Worth a read and self-evaluation. Our goal should be to be a safe person for those we love. To create an atmosphere where they know we are there to listen, […]

Growing Wings

Being a Granna

Words are not known to describe What I feel, as a grandmother inside This precious being born of my own Will forever have in my heart, a home I realize my energy is greater than lightning As I chase her and watch her, which is ever so frightening Just when I thought my heart had […]

My Treasure

Originally posted on Unveiled & Untangled:
I have some incredible women in my life, Sweet Granny the perfect example of a loving wife. Precious, beautiful, gentle and kind, A rare Diamond, another like her you will not find. My aunt with her wardrobe, make up, and Pearls, She and I are alike…100% girls. My cousin,…

Kolby’s 32nd Bday

Happy Birthday Kolby! Yes, it’s your birthday eve, but I was 22 days overdue carrying you on this day 32 years ago, so I get first birthday wish privileges. My life would never have been as brilliant and extraordinary without your awesome self! I am blessed beyond measure to be your mother and miss you […]