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Being a Granna

Words are not known to describe

What I feel, as a grandmother inside

This precious being born of my own

Will forever have in my heart, a home

I realize my energy is greater than lightning

As I chase her and watch her, which is ever so frightening

Just when I thought my heart had felt all emotion

Ah, this little girl came along and floods me with love like an ocean

I climb through play lands, I never dreamed I would attempt

I play dollies, vet, cooking, and pirate ship

I read books, and make jewelry for hours, and color by number

I have interesting sleepovers as she spins when she slumbers

Waking to a foot in the face is a common delight

Being asked to cuddle will get me through the darkest night

This little tiny person has something no other has given

That is unconditional love and not in speech, but in living

The kisses, hugs, and sweetness is never-ending

I never grow tired of playing and pretending

She loves me with all she is and all of her heart

To the moon and the sun and to never depart

Ah, to have a baby is something that can’t be explained

But to love your babies’ baby is awesome beyond any other thing

Kim Crawford


One comment on “Being a Granna

  1. Your words describe the undescribable!!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful love!


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