Quotes for the Year

Courage with Fear

Courage is not the absence of fear but calmness and stability in the midst of it. Although we do not see God, we believe He is at work. A resolute spirit is required if we are to wait on God. ~Author Unknown

8 Year Anniversaries of God’s Power and Intervention on FB

As Facebook users know, in Newsfeed, posts of your own friends feed through for you to read. Yesterday I had 2 posts, one just after the other, my friends but not friends with one another, that had striking similiarities. Both celebrating 8 Year Anniversaries of God’s Power. To protect their privacy, I will not say […]

Quotes and Such 2012 – From My Blessing Box to Yours

Quotes and Such 2012 From my Blessing Box to Yours – Kim Crawford Take time this year for God.  God took time for me this year, as He always does.  He was in events, experiences, words, emotions, and loved me so much.  God protected us when a tornado destroyed our home on top of us.  […]

Quotes and Such, 2010

Quotes and Such, 2010 “God cannot bless what we do not give.  Jesus is the subject of the Bible.  Giving is the theme of the Bible.” Pastor Steve ***** “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, that He may teach us His ways […]

Quotes and Such 2009

Okay Terri, you asked for it, you got it.  Dedicated to you: May 1 Feel the cool breeze as it blows Smell of honeysuckle Hear chimes ring 10:00 a.m. and Beep, beep of garbage truck as it backs up Feel a tiny raindrop occasionally warning of the black clouds in the distance See the tinted […]

Three ladies and a box

Posted again in honor of Sweet Granny who went to Heaven March 10, 2013: Three ladies and a box.  All blessings. First let me explain the blessing box.  A friend suggested this to me and I love it! You take a box, or some type of container, and put it somewhere convenient in your home […]

2008 Quotes and Such

Each year I compile a list of some of my favorite Bible verses, quotes, nuggets, inspirations, etc. I know who said most, but not all, and with some I have hidden the person’s identity for various reasons. I hope something in all of this will make you smile. I have had many reasons to smile […]