Kim Crawford

Ladies, don’t get so busy that you don’t love yourself by forgetting to do your breast exams this Christmas! In the midst of the red and green, think pink!

Feel Alive

Don’t think outside the box. Live outside the box. Color outside the lines with all the wrong colors. Wear glitter and pearls to the grocery store and comfy clothes to work. Disconnect the dots. Bake when you want to and never as a chore. Laugh out loud. Really. Loudly. Cry ugly. Hug daily. Nightly. Reach […]

Tiny Princess

Tiny Princess Oh tiny princess, oh baby girl You are as precious as a pearl You are wonderfully, beautifully made by the King And oh, the joy you do bring Your tiny toes, and button nose Your dainty fingers, and mouth like a rose Your fuzzy head, and eyes so sweet Never such perfection will […]

The Brothers

Originally posted on Unveiled & Untangled:
Five little brothers separated from their home, Father is sick and mother is gone. Orphanage is cold, foster homes aren’t better, But they’ve been through all kinds of weather. Taken home for Christmas to one house or another, Showered with gifts, but not with each other. Back at the…

Thanksgiving 2017 – YouTube

Favorite Favorites 2008

Having a blog is great because it is a form of historical record of your life. While, I do not usually write directly about what I am experiencing, my writings each year will usually reflect my own personal journey. Today, I remembered one word from years ago that I wrote about. When I searched my […]

As a Loom

Originally posted on Unveiled & Untangled:
As a little girl one of my favorite things to do was to make potholders on a little loom. I loved pulling the small loops of many colors tightly across, and the challenge to get some of them to stay in that place of tension. The beauty was created as…