Kim Crawford

Princess Kimimi Clownford

Had such a blast training with Ringling Bros Clowns Tricia Manuel and Julia in Chattanooga with Alhambra Shriners!! Can’t wait until the circus in October!!! Princess Kimimi is available for birthday parties, VBS, and events! Send me a message

When Booboo Had a Party – a story by Granna and Lily

Once there was a frog who lived on a pond called Sessaloo. His name was Cuteque but most friends called him Booboo. Booboo did not like this nickname at all. So sometimes he ignored those who came to call. His friends would say, “Hey, Booboo, come out to play!” But Booboo, croaked, “No way, not […]

Being a Granna

Words are not known to describe What I feel, as a grandmother inside This precious being born of my own Will forever have in my heart, a home I realize my energy is greater than lightning As I chase her and watch her, which is ever so frightening Just when I thought my heart had […]

Love Somebody – Day 14

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Today is Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day. May we remember we return to ash, and yet then we are with God. God is love.  You are loved today and always. Be loving to others. A prayer: A tear needs a question -Not a tissue to dry it A broken…

Love like Jesus – Day 13

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Simply, what can you do to speak love to your loved one today? Words of Affirmation? Say I love you. Tell them why you love them. With as many forms of communication as we have today, this one is easy. Acts of Service? Run an errand, help relieve some…

Love Challenge – How to Prevent Pain and Have Healthy Communication – Day 12

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I have been studying a lot about conflict resolution/relationships. My supervisor and his wife had 2 sessions with us on feedback loops to deal with conflict/communication in marriage. Their method is that you sit knee to knee. One person who has the issue uses only I statements about how…

The Pen Pal

When I was a child I had pen pals. One pen pal was Vicki in Pennsylvania. Another was in Japan, and her name was Midouri. I remember the thrill of choosing a paper to write on. I had various colors in my collection of stationary. Every single letter was a form of art to me. […]