Love Challenge

Challenge for Men

I have posted surveys and challenges on this blog before. Once I surveyed people to ask what their definition was of love. It received a lot of response and feedback. People want to love and be loved. Today, I post a survey for the men: Husbands, who is your wife? Why do you love her? […]

Love Seeks Resolution – Love Challenge Day 11

Love is not a feeling. Love is a choice. Love doesn’t end because you are angry. Love should remain through all emotions. Love is proven during the conflicts, not when it’s easy. Refusing to seek resolution can confuse your heart, damage your relationship, hinder growth, stifle intimacy… Seek peace. Go. Why is it that when […]

Love Challenge: Patient Love – Day No. 1

Originally posted on Unveiled & Untangled:
If anyone loves love and realizes it’s value, it is someone who has loved and lost that love, like my single friends and me. Never think because someone is single, that they wanted to be or don’t respect and believe in marriage and love. Oh no, just the opposite.…

Men’s brains vs. women’s brains – it’s not a competition.

It helps to understand the differences in our brains! Men have about 6 times more gray matter than women. This is the brain’s processing center. Women have about 10 times more white matter than men. Women’s brains are more complicated in how they are structured. and this network causes them to think faster than men. […]

Know love

If we are lucky we find love. If we are blessed we understand it’s meaning. Jenny Lee, Call the Midwife

The Dating Game

This presentation is about 11 minutes long. If you have ever dated, especially in this decade, then take 11 minutes to watch. It is not meant to demean either gender, but to chuckle at both, and validate and normalize the dating experience for all. Hopefully, after a good laugh, it will also serve a purpose […]

Love Somebody – Day 14

Today is Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day. May we remember we return to ash, and yet then we are with God. God is love.  You are loved today and always. Be loving to others. A prayer: A tear needs a question -Not a tissue to dry it A broken heart needs a listening ear -Not […]