Joy Unspeakable! Inspiration from my heart to yours.

Yes, There is a Santa Chaplain

Yes there is a Santa Clause….Chaplain. This character is different from many you will know, Often there is a light, I would further say a glow. Energy abounds as the day begins, Sometimes fatigue does enter as grief is found again. This Clause is not always jolly but tries to spread some joy, And certainly […]

Heavenly Peace

Driving home tonight I spoke the words of Silent Night softly. Christmas comes at the perfect time of the year. No matter what we have been through all year we end with twinkling lights, colorful decorations, presents wrapped in shiny paper, fellowship with those we love, and celebration of Jesus Christ. Life is like this […]

Twas’ the Night Before…Chaplains Save…Christmas

Twas the Night Before…Chaplains Save…Christmas   Twas the night before Christmas, from rooftop to basement Not a creature was stirring, not even a patient The call lights were quiet, yet nurses ready to care But hoping no codes would blast through the air The patients were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of […]

Agape Weddings

Sweet Granny

I have heard it said that no one remembers what one said or what one did, but more than anything what we remember is how someone made us feel.  I don’t believe there is anyone here that knew Dora Mae Garrett and can say she ever made them feel anything but loved. Garrett chose perfectly […]

Me as of 2015

Autobiography of Kim Crawford as of 2015 My Proof: Hold your breath for 11 minutes.  It is impossible of course.  I did not breathe for 11 minutes when I was born, perhaps it was meant for me to be a deep sea diver or a frog?  I do look pretty good in green.  Back to […]

Growing Wings in Hoover

Thank you so much Justin, Librarian at the Hoover Library for placing my book, Growing Wings, on your shelf! Being at the Hoover Libraryjust makes you feel good!!