Joy Unspeakable! Inspiration from my heart to yours.

The Light

God said, “Let there be light, and there was light.” (Genesis 1:3) He spoke the light into being to awaken life. With each morning we have new mercies as the sun rises. There may be darkness, but there is always light somewhere in the darkness. Sometimes a small flicker, and sometimes a brilliant beam of […]

Where Butterflies Have Been Again

Where Butterflies Have Been Where butterflies have been a whisper is spoken ever so softly, Fluttering delicately, I hear the gentle wings pounding my name. Sympathetically hugging my heart in my soul, Leading me boldly like a moth to the flame. Ever so strongly, guiding and smiling, crying and floating, Quite overwhelming, it’s confusing but […]

Three Wise Men

Once upon a time there were three little…. hmmm, nope. We have all heard of the restaurant Five Guys, well recently I met Three Guys…nah. Life is like a three-legged race…what does that mean? Nope. How many famous trios can you name? Go… Huey, Dewey and Louie, Charlie’s Angels, Three Stooges (Ugh), The Three Musketeers, […]

I think we have one purpose and one main desire that we all share. Each and every one of us wants someone who will love and care about us. Babies don’t thrive without human touch and intimacy. Children feel less afraid if they know someone is nearby. Even if the someone is actually a stuffed […]

Breathe Grace

Each day has new mercies. We feel yesterday but we can’t change it. We dream of tomorrow but we can’t touch it yet. We are right here. Right now. There are 86,400 seconds in a day so 86,400 opportunities each day to receive grace and give grace. Breathe grace.

Faces In the Waiting Room

The waiting room is a difficult place of being. I recently waited 23 hours in a waiting room while my husband, David, was in a surgery that was suppose to last 10-12 hours. I was patient the first 12 hours I think, and the faces of strangers became familiar as I knew they could relate […]

What If? An Interview with Chaplain David Peacock

For the month of April, I have the privilege of sharing the heart of a fellow chaplain and friend. Chaplain David Peacock is our Cardiac Care Chaplain in the hospital where I serve and is Pastor of Hickory Hills Church in Alabaster, AL. Since Chaplain Peacock supports those having issues with their hearts, I asked […]