Growing Wings

Growing Wings offers a creative and gentle experience of a child’s journey through loss and gain in life. Losing a pet, family member, or friend is a traumatic experience for anyone and especially for a child. There are no perfect words to describe the feelings attached to loss and certainly no concrete rules of how to help a child cope with losing someone or something they love.   As a Hospital Chaplain, Kim Crawford witnessed many situations in a level one trauma hospital, where adults told children how to feel in difficult circumstances. Sometimes children were told not to cry, not to express, and to sit still and be quiet. She encourages adults to invite children to talk about how they feel, share their memories of the loved one, and normalize the child’s emotions.

Kim Crawford’s, Growing Wings, beautifully, yet simply, expresses through words and illustrations the excitement a child feels when making a new friend, and the pain and disappointment when this loved one leaves for any reason.

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Princess Kimimi Clownford

Had such a blast training with Ringling Bros Clowns Tricia Manuel and Julia in Chattanooga with Alhambra Shriners!! Can’t wait until the circus in October!!!

Princess Kimimi is available for birthday parties, VBS, and events! Send me a message psalm40.123@gmail.com.


When Booboo Had a Party – a story by Granna and Lily

Once there was a frog who lived on a pond called Sessaloo.

His name was Cuteque but most friends called him Booboo.

Booboo did not like this nickname at all.

So sometimes he ignored those who came to call.

His friends would say, “Hey, Booboo, come out to play!”

But Booboo, croaked, “No way, not today.”

So he stayed in his house made of ice cream and cookies, too.

Pouting, and crying, wondering why they called him Booboo?

One day Miss Moose jumped in the pond and told Booboo the reason.

She explained it was because of what happened last Christmas season.

Miss Moose reminded him that he fell in the snow.

And because of this “oopsie” all his friends still glow.

They smile when they think of Booboo slipping and sliding.

Because who had ever seen a frog on ice and gliding?

Miss Moose gave him advice to just laugh at himself too.

And then he might feel better at being called Booboo.

Booboo thought about her words and prayed about them also.

And decided he would laugh and invite his friends to eat chips and salsa.

All the creatures in the forest and down in the pond, gathered in the ice cream and cookie house.

They giggled, played, danced, and sang and even ate cheese from Mr. Mouse.

All night long they partied and they sang tunes.

Until the sun came up in place of the moon.

Kim Crawford and Lily Mae Jackson


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Being a Granna

Words are not known to describe

What I feel, as a grandmother inside

This precious being born of my own

Will forever have in my heart, a home

I realize my energy is greater than lightning

As I chase her and watch her, which is ever so frightening

Just when I thought my heart had felt all emotion

Ah, this little girl came along and floods me with love like an ocean

I climb through play lands, I never dreamed I would attempt

I play dollies, vet, cooking, and pirate ship

I read books, and make jewelry for hours, and color by number

I have interesting sleepovers as she spins when she slumbers

Waking to a foot in the face is a common delight

Being asked to cuddle will get me through the darkest night

This little tiny person has something no other has given

That is unconditional love and not in speech, but in living

The kisses, hugs, and sweetness is never-ending

I never grow tired of playing and pretending

She loves me with all she is and all of her heart

To the moon and the sun and to never depart

Ah, to have a baby is something that can’t be explained

But to love your babies’ baby is awesome beyond any other thing

Kim Crawford


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Love Somebody – Day 14

Unveiled & Untangled

Today is Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day. May we remember we return to ash, and yet then we are with God. God is love.  You are loved today and always. Be loving to others.

A prayer:


A tear needs a question

-Not a tissue to dry it

A broken heart needs a listening ear

-Not a lashing tongue

A person with scars needs friendship in the present

-Not told of failures in the past

A moment of fear needs a hand in the dark

-Not a switch for the light

A person in agony needs compassion and validation

-Not an answer

A soul needs to connect

-Not wander in the fog

An insecure mind needs to know

-Not question or wonder

A living being needs continual love

-Not halfway, some of the time, or when it feels good

Love somebody

-With all you hear, all you say, all you remember…

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Love like Jesus – Day 13

Unveiled & Untangled

Simply, what can you do to speak love to your loved one today?

Words of Affirmation? Say I love you. Tell them why you love them. With as many forms of communication as we have today, this one is easy.

Acts of Service? Run an errand, help relieve some kind of responsbility from their plate. Make sure they know you are willing and seek to do things for them. That you care about giving to them through lifting a little of their load.

Quality Time? Focus on them. Quiet time with them. Fun things you both like or maybe asking what they like.

Physical Touch? Leave with affection, greet with affection, offer affection just because. Babies can die without physical touch and bonding. It is a true need God gives. Think about how it would be to feel you will be alone forever without anyone to hug you, hold you, kiss…

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Love Challenge – How to Prevent Pain and Have Healthy Communication – Day 12

Unveiled & Untangled

I have been studying a lot about conflict resolution/relationships. My supervisor and his wife had 2 sessions with us on feedback loops to deal with conflict/communication in marriage.
Their method is that you sit knee to knee.
One person who has the issue uses only I statements about how they feel. No you statements are allowed.
I feel___________when you __________or when you said _____________.
The listener responds with:
I hear you saying that you feel ________________when I ______________________.
The speaker gets to clarify further if needed and adds positive comments of understanding.
Yes, I feel ____________when_______________. I realize you don’t need___________or are working hard so you are tired (or some kind of understanding of why it is happening).
The listener repeats again and then asks is there anything else you need to tell me about this?
Speaker responds.
Then the speaker tells the listener what they need from listener (to…

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The Pen Pal

When I was a child I had pen pals. One pen pal was Vicki in Pennsylvania. Another was in Japan, and her name was Midouri. I remember the thrill of choosing a paper to write on. I had various colors in my collection of stationary. Every single letter was a form of art to me. I wanted Midouri to receive it as a special gift created by me just for her. I hoped she found it exciting and somewhat mysterious as I certainly did the letters she sent to me. I loved knowing whatever I was going through, I could write about it to Midouri and she would reply how much she cared.  I remember how it felt to finalize the envelope and seal it up with a special sticker or heart to greet her even before reading what was inside. I would walk it to the mailbox not long before I knew the Mail Carrier would arrive. I didn’t want the letter to sit long and get wet if it rained, as there were openings in our old rusted mailbox on the farm. I would think about all the hands my envelope would be held in until it reached Midouri. Oh, and the many letters crammed with it in large bins and placed on airplanes flying all the way to Japan. Would my one tiny letter make it to her?


I would think about her bedroom and how it looked and where she sat to read my words. I was a little southern girl on a farm in AL. My own room, which was in the tower of a castle, is where I wrote to her. I was never alone because I had many friends in the castle with me. My Barbies and babies whispered ideas and reminded me of our adventures. Each of them wanted to be in the letters to Midouri, therefore I would try to always include them, after all they were my best friends. My family actually had very little and often barely made ends meet, yet I had this lovely room. My dad won a contest and chose this beautiful little bedroom furniture for me. Ironically, my princess room was an escape from his rage much of the time. I was one little girl coping and dreaming, and reaching out across the world in letters to another little girl who also needed a friend. When her letters arrived, I could never make it from the mailbox to my house without tearing open the envelopes. I will never forget my heart skipping in my chest to find the delicate rice paper inside. It would not have been more special to me if it had been made of pearls and gold.

In life, we all need to hear the stories of another soul to encourage us and uplift us. To validate our struggles and fears, and to offer hope and kindness. To know we are not alone. To be asked to write letters for a ministry that reaches out to those who may have trouble making ends meet, just as my family did when I was a child, is one of the greatest honors of my life. I have not walked in your shoes, but I have had symbolic shoes of my own with holes and worn soles. What I can say to you is this, even when my shoes were worn out, I kept walking. I realized at a young age there was always a path before me; a next hour on the clock. Somehow, some way, along that rugged path, I always find “Midouris” – friends. People I can pour out my soul to, and they listen and trust me to soak in the stories of their own hearts. My prayer for everyone is that they will have a support system. You will have at least one person you can talk to, about anything, and at any time. I also encourage you to be that one safe person to someone. Be a friend who allows someone to feel what they feel, say what they need to say, and share what they need to share. Never stop searching for that safe person. They may be around the world in Japan, but remember, it didn’t matter to me that my safe person was so far away. What mattered to me is that she cared.

Chaplain Kim Crawford