Growing Wings

Growing Wings offers a creative and gentle experience of a child’s journey through loss and gain in life. Losing a pet, family member, or friend is a traumatic experience for anyone and especially for a child. There are no perfect words to describe the feelings attached to loss and certainly no concrete rules of how to help a child cope with losing someone or something they love.   As a Hospital Chaplain, Kim Crawford witnessed many situations in a level one trauma hospital, where adults told children how to feel in difficult circumstances. Sometimes children were told not to cry, not to express, and to sit still and be quiet. She encourages adults to invite children to talk about how they feel, share their memories of the loved one, and normalize the child’s emotions.

Kim Crawford’s, Growing Wings, beautifully, yet simply, expresses through words and illustrations the excitement a child feels when making a new friend, and the pain and disappointment when this loved one leaves for any reason.

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Ladies, don’t get so busy that you don’t love yourself by forgetting to do your breast exams this Christmas! In the midst of the red and green, think pink!

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Feel Alive

Don’t think outside the box.

Live outside the box.

Color outside the lines with all the wrong colors.

Wear glitter and pearls to the grocery store and comfy clothes to work.

Disconnect the dots.

Bake when you want to and never as a chore.

Laugh out loud. Really. Loudly.

Cry ugly.

Hug daily. Nightly.

Reach for the stars and stuff them in your pockets so you are never in the dark again.

Play with puppies and say puppy feet when you don’t know what to say.

Ask children to pray for you. Listen to them pray.

Stop to smell the roses. And the sugar cookies. And the ocean, And honeysuckles.

Watch sappy love stories because you refuse to stop believing in fairy tales.


Touch the sunshine.

Taste the wind.

Smell the rain.

See the love.

Feel alive.

Kim Crawford 12.7.17

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Tiny Princess

Tiny Princess

Oh tiny princess, oh baby girl

You are as precious as a pearl

You are wonderfully, beautifully made by the King

And oh, the joy you do bring

Your tiny toes, and button nose

Your dainty fingers, and mouth like a rose

Your fuzzy head, and eyes so sweet

Never such perfection will we meet

The way you feel in our arms and hearts

Never will that feeling depart

God’s plan we do not always understand

But we know for you, it will be grand

So special you are, and oh so strong

We will forever hear you in our song

Our souls together now and always

For you – forever to the Lord we will praise

“Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you” Isaiah 43:4

Kim Crawford 11.29.17

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The Brothers

Unveiled & Untangled

Five little brothers separated from their home,
Father is sick and mother is gone.
Orphanage is cold, foster homes aren’t better,
But they’ve been through all kinds of weather.
Taken home for Christmas to one house or another,
Showered with gifts, but not with each other.
Back at the orphanage not allowed to have gifts,
Parents are people that come and go in shifts.
One is adopted and dies a young death,
Father is gone and has breathed his last breath.
Foster homes, military, uncles or farms,
These boys lost a lot, but never their charm.
Not perfect in any measure at all,
But loved one another through every rise and fall.
Separation did not stop the brothers they are,
And now together, they look down from afar.
For their family remaining, they wait and rejoice,
And “Merry Christmas, Praise Jesus” they sing with their voices.
They live on in…

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Thanksgiving 2017 – YouTube


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Favorite Favorites 2008

Having a blog is great because it is a form of historical record of your life. While, I do not usually write directly about what I am experiencing, my writings each year will usually reflect my own personal journey. Today, I remembered one word from years ago that I wrote about. When I searched my blog for this word, I found my favorite quotes from 2008. Some of these are from movies, authors, famous people. Others are from people I know as they spoke directly to me or just about a certain subject. As I read my Quotes and Such 2008, I am flooded with that year of my life. It was certainly a year of self awareness, growth, change, reflection, tragedy and triumph. God was very present. My heart was wide open.

Below are a few of my favorites, from my favorites of 2008:

“Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are; good mood; bad mood; ugly; pretty; handsome; what have you. The right person’s still gonna think the sun shines out of you. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.” (Paraphrased from Juno’s dad in Juno)

“Learn to say Whoa instead of Uh-oh.” Me

“You can’t keep a bird from flying over your head, but you can keep him from building a nest in your hair.”

“She is obedient. I saw her standing tall with something holding her up straight and she was looking down on the muck.” Leigh

“She will have strength.” Sandy

Courage is not the absence of fear but calmness and stability in the midst of it. Although we do not see God, we believe He is at work. A resolute spirit is required if we are to wait on God.

“Enduring love is to allow the blending.”

Costas to Lena (Sisterhood of Traveling Pants):
“We are terrible at not loving each other.”
“I tried to stop but I couldn’t.”
“I tried too.”
“So what do we do?”
“We figure it out.”

“Never try to hurt your spouse because they hurt you. Show your spouse more love when they seem unloving. Always share the work at home. Have frequent surprise gifts and parties. Always share your feelings or the smallest problems grow into monsters. Always treat your spouse better than your favorite pet. Ask your spouse what is important to them – don’t suppose you already know. You will be surprised.” Chad

I have learned through all of this that we cannot keep hitting snooze every morning. We have to get up and do this life. This thing God wants us to do. Face the trials. We live among a “prozac fogged” people a doctor said. The verse is not, With Prozac all things are possible, but instead, “But with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 — We don’t have to keep hitting snooze through life because we can do this life. “with God”.


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As a Loom

Unveiled & Untangled

As a little girl one of my favorite things to do was to make potholders on a little loom. I loved pulling the small loops of many colors tightly across, and the challenge to get some of them to stay in that place of tension. The beauty was created as I wove other loops over, under, and across. The loose threads and tense threads woven together created an item that had meaning and purpose.

As an adult, my grandmother fell down the stairs and as a result had brain damage. She was unable to continue with the activities she loved and was very bored. I remembered the little loom and gave her one. She made hundreds of potholders over the course of the next few years. Her little crooked fingers could barely stretch those loops across, but she stayed with the difficulty knowing that beauty would come in her little creation, and it…

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