Growing Wings

Growing Wings offers a creative and gentle experience of a child’s journey through loss and gain in life. Losing a pet, family member, or friend is a traumatic experience for anyone and especially for a child. There are no perfect words to describe the feelings attached to loss and certainly no concrete rules of how to help a child cope with losing someone or something they love.   As a Hospital Chaplain, Kim Crawford witnessed many situations in a level one trauma hospital, where adults told children how to feel in difficult circumstances. Sometimes children were told not to cry, not to express, and to sit still and be quiet. She encourages adults to invite children to talk about how they feel, share their memories of the loved one, and normalize the child’s emotions.

Kim Crawford’s, Growing Wings, beautifully, yet simply, expresses through words and illustrations the excitement a child feels when making a new friend, and the pain and disappointment when this loved one leaves for any reason.

Available on Amazon, or from the author: Kim Crawford: psalm40.123@gmail.com.


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Safe People


Great article on being a safe person…explains how we do this in imitation of Christ.

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Unsafe People

I speak and teach often about being a safe or unsafe person. While preparing to speak at a memorial today, I ran across this article. Worth a read and self-evaluation. Our goal should be to be a safe person for those we love. To create an atmosphere where they know we are there to listen, love, and validate no matter their feelings. To be their rock to stand on when the world is caving in under their feet or their soft place to land when the have trudged through thorns and briars. Be the one that removes thorns, and not the flame thrower. Good article…


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Looking over my favorite quotes of 2009 and found my favorite of those favorites:


Caleb Holt: Marriage isn’t fireproof.
Michael Simmons: Fireproof doesn’t mean the fire will never come. It means when the fire comes that you will be able to withstand it.

Caleb Holt: You never leave your partner! Especially in a fire!


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Growing Wings


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June Bride Wedding – $300 All Inclusive


Have you always dreamed of being a June bride? Would love to get married but would rather spend the small fortune that most weddings cost on a honeymoon, furniture, or down payment on a home? Agape Weddings is making your dreams come true! Saturday, June 23rd, you may get married at 1 of 3 spots on our property in Irondale by Chaplains Kim Crawford or David Kohn. For only $300 you get the venue, officiant, copy of your vows, small cake, a toast, music, decor, communication materials to help strengthen your relationship, and we will make your picture for you on your camera. This includes the bride, groom, 10 friends/family. (Limited parking, please carpool!)
Book ASAP, we have many people interested!

Weddings begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 8:00 p.m. Have your wedding license with you.

*Additional guests, your own photographer, and attendants would be extra. No space or time for chair set up. Only cake and toast included. Cannot accommodate reception or large groups.

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Survey Results – Love

Unveiled & Untangled

I posted this love survey January of 2010 and below are the results. Let’s have some more input. You love your spouse or significant other? Define that love. Shout it out. Proclaim it. Teach the world to sing a love song to the tune of your heartbeat. People declare love but do they live it? Love is a choice. Love is an action. Love is a sacrifice…some say love is only a fairytale. What do you think?

I’m still in class….


If you love your spouse you won’t go to bed angry even if it means staying up late. You have to talk it over and then the next morning generally comes easier WITHOUT regrets. Grandma’s wisdom. Its worked for us for 20 years. (High School Sweethearts) – Jerry

Love bears all things, believes all things, endures all things, God is Love. Paraphrased of course


It hurts and…

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Reservoirs of our Souls

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” Revelation 1:8

Holy Good and Gracious God,

I hear the rain pouring down

Showering the earth refreshing water for a thirsty land

Washing away cobwebs that confuse and clutter

Filling reservoirs for dry days that lie ahead

Changing the dry, brittle earth to a carpet of soft green

Pouring into streams to cause them to flow more steadily, more deeply

Our earth is thirsty for this rain

Hungry for change, and the promise in the rainbow that comes when the sun shines again

Each drop brings with it new beginnings

Many inconveniences come and plans alter due to rainy days

Yet rain is refreshing

Each pitter patter and pounding drop  calling us

To quieter, more reflective thoughts actions

We hunger and thirst for you, Lord

Listening to the rain, I hear you call my name

Calling me to thankfulness

Reminding me of your endless and incredible protection one rainy night

Yet, knowing the storms that may come could bring threat

And again remembering, that Lord, you will…

“…I will pour water on the thirsty land and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my spirit upon your descendants, and my blessings on your offspring.” Isaiah 44:3

We long for your Holy rain in our lives.

Thank you for pouring forth new mercies each day

Strength when anxious and afraid

Hope in the darkest night and strongest winds that sway us to and fro

Oh, Loving God, may we allow you to fill the reservoirs of our souls with your love that we may pour forth that same love to others.

You are mighty God who was, and is, and is to come. You will fill the reservoirs of our souls. You will bless abundantly more than we can imagine.

In the precious name of Jesus we pray,


kim d crawford 5.28.18