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Church of the Highlands – Pastor Chris’ message on Dating




If you are single and age 13-103, or have friends, kids, etc., that are single, take a few minutes to watch today’s message from Church of the Highlands.

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Love Seeks Resolution – Love Challenge Day 11

Love is not a feeling.
Love is a choice.
Love doesn’t end because you are angry.
Love should remain through all emotions.
Love is proven during the conflicts, not when it’s easy.
Refusing to seek resolution can confuse your heart, damage your relationship, hinder growth, stifle intimacy…
Seek peace. Go.
Why is it that when we date we say, what can I do for this person, yet when we marry we say, what is this person not doing for me?

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger..Ephesians 4:26

Run to them, fall into their arms…embrace…talk in whispers – unless it is to scream how much you love them, reach out and hold their hand, look them in the eyes…these moments are the ones that count….run to them. How much greater this gift of love is, than your petty annoyances.


What can you do to initiate peace? Seek to understand, not to be understood, and your anger might dissolve long before the sun sets. For those who refuse to seek peace with your loved one, then examine your heart and motives.

If you are in conflict with that special person, run. Go. Find them. Don’t waste a second. Ask forgiveness. Forgive. Kiss. Embrace. Make it right!!! Go!

Don’t wait until it is too late.

It is better to say whoa than uh-oh. Don’t let your anger damage the relationship until you are saying, uh-oh, what have I done? I’ve lost them. Say whoa on your anger, rather than uh-oh I lost this person I love.


Kim Crawford

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Love Challenge Day 10 – Romantic Date Night

I refuse to be a hopeless romantic. I am an absolute hopeful romantic.

Unveiled & Untangled

This year, day 10 is falling on Saturday. Have fun! Get out of your rut. Be amazing!

Picnic under the stars

Drive somewhere new in the car

A little slow dance adds a little spark

Ride the carousel in the park

Go out and dress up so she’ll feel like a queen

I bet she just might think you’re really keen

One flower says I love you as much as bunch

Surprise your sweetie with an unexpected lunch

Write a love note requesting a date

Watch a movie and cuddle until it’s late

Tell her how you feel, even if it’s not easy

I bet you just might, in return get a squeezy

Make a memory that will last forever and longer

There is no way this won’t make you stronger

Play some music and sing along

Put forth some effort…you won’t go wrong.

Have fun!

kim crawford

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Love Greets with Love – Power in this one – don’t miss it! Love Challenge Day 9

Unveiled & Untangled

“Did you know that you can tell a lot about the current status of a couple’s marriage (relationship) by the way they greet one another? You can see it in her smile, hear it in his voice, and sense it in the tenderness of their touch. Or lack thereof” (Love Dare, Kendricks, p. 41)

That says it all I think.

The Kendricks explain the loving investment to your relationship when you greet warmly:

“Throughout history, the Jewish people demonstrated an understanding of the power of an effective greeting. Used more than two hundred times in the Bible, the word shalom (meaning peace or tranquility) was a word intentionally employed to greet others. In the story of the prodigal son we learn ‘While he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion for him, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.’ (Luke 15:20). What kind…

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I’m a Real Woman

I’m a real woman you see

Petite. Sweet. Concrete.

I’m not 6′ 3′ and 105 pounds

My legs aren’t longer than the lineage of the Crown

I’m just 5′ 2, and my eyes aren’t even blue

My eyes are green, and some days I don’t have a clue

Why I feel the way I do, or why I try to do too much

I stay so busy, and yet it’s my crutch

I lean on doing, going, and goals

I hate looking in the mirror to see I’m growing old

Deep down inside I’m still that little girl

Who wants to sparkle, shine, spin, and twirl

And dreams of Prince Charming sweeping me off my feet

Or at least not view me as a woman to compete

With all the “perfect” women who are the focus of a man’s dreams

I don’t play games and devise crazy schemes

I give my heart, my time, and my care

When I love you, there is nothing I won’t share

I believe in others and want to cheer them on

If you know me long enough, I’ll probably write you a song

I cry during romantic movies, and even Andy Griffith shows

Sometimes I cry hard, when nobody knows

I try to lift everyone up and see the best in them

I want others to serve their purpose and see in the mirror a gem

For I see inside you something God created so intently

And want to push you toward your awesome, but I do so gently

I love to cook a good meal and here you say “Yum!”

Even if it tastes so badly, that after you chew gum

Just like my sisters, I need to know your word is true

That you purposefully try not to make me blue

I need to know you mean what you say

And will be honest and real, even on a gray day

I have scars from childbirth, surgeries, and life

I am resilient and determined, and speak peace within strife

I don’t tolerate laziness, being crude, or ever demeaning

Pouting is something I ask you to do as you’re leaving

I have wrinkles, and aches, and sometimes I’m tired

But never, not a day, am I uninspired

I see life as a gift, and beauty in the details

I hear the ocean singing Heaven’s songs in seashells

I hurt when someone is cruel, thoughtless, and mean

Because I’m strong – don’t think I’m a machine

I’m flesh and blood with emotions God gave

But, yes I’ve grown and I’m courageous and brave

I don’t have thick hair, dark like the night

I think my hair is still blonde, but your guess is good as mine

My nails are not long, because they just won’t grow

But I do choose joy that creates quite a glow

I see life illuminated with a hue of rainbows and sunshine

Puppy dogs, bunnies, babies, and precious times

There are times when I need to be held in arms I can trust

Sometimes I crave this so much, I think I may bust

I always get better not bitter

I think everything should have more glitter

I know my attitude determines my altitude

I desire romance not continual feud

I feel fat when I’m thin, and see my every flaw

But love more than anything, being Grandma

I sing when out of tune, and dance when no one is watching

I can clean a house faster than most, including the washing

I find meaning in holidays, anniversaries, and silly things

Like taking out the garbage, and don’t need expensive rings

To me the bling is created when you smile at me

Because you love the real me, and that’s who you see.

Kim Crawford






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Love loves deeply and knows the meaning of loving deeply…Love Challenge Day 8

Unveiled & Untangled

1 Peter4:8 Above all, love each other deeply because love covers over a multitude of sins. 9 Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. 10 Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others,faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. 11 If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.

Words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, receiving gifts, and quality time are Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages [http://www.5lovelanguages.com/]. He has narrowed our needs down to these 5 categories and teaches that one must know their partner’s greatest need in order to love them in the way they will perceive as loving. Basically, if someone does not…

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Dating Etiquette

So, hearing many crazy stories about bad dates, and bad dating, I decided to see what the world has to say about dating etiquette and advice. What I found is a warped bunch of bad advice. What has happened to our society? Since there is nothing out there worth sharing, let’s write our own. Let’s try to salvage this mess we’ve all made. My male brothers, my soul sisters, listen up, write it down, screenshot it, forward to your inbox….here goes:

1.Be on time.

2.Guy pays…at least the first date until that is worked out later.

3.Don’t send a picture from 20 years ago. When you show up, they might just notice.

4.Don’t ask on the first date, “So, how am I doing? Do you like me?”

5.Don’t show up drunk. Really don’t.

6.Don’t disappear during the date.

7.Put your phone down. Be on the date.

8.Walk her to the car.

9.Don’t just walk to the car…when she’s in it, say, “Let me know you arrive home safely.” Then shut the door. Don’t walk off when she gets in and then turns her head to see your gone. Rude!

10.Don’t check out other girls while on a date. Immature. Ew. Sooo not ok.

11.Don’t date if you aren’t dateable. Make sure your heart is ready to give someone a chance.

12.Don’t say things you don’t mean. Be charming if you want to charm someone. If you don’t, then be polite and don’t lead them on.

13.Be appropriate. You know what I mean.

14.Carry your side of the conversation. Don’t interrogate. Don’t just sit there saying nothing. Be yourself and talk.

15.Call or text the next day to thank them for the date. Especially if you want a second one.

16.Don’t say, “I’m going to marry you” on the first date.

17.Don’t watch tv if there is one in the restaurant.

18.Don’t show interest beyond your interest. Don’t play with people’s hearts.

18.Be honest. First date, 300th date, your goals and ideas change, then tell the other person face to face. No ghosting. No shutting out (for people who don’t know what ghosting is). Don’t break up in texts. Be an adult. Talk.

19.Don’t date to be rescued. Get your stuff together before you pull someone else into it.

20.Date with the mindset, how may I serve this person? How may I show them the Fruits of the Spirit – Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

21.Date someone you think you could serve God with.

22.Date someone who will love your family and respect your love for them…especially your kids.

23. Date someone you think you can trust. If you can’t, because of them or you, then don’t date them.

24.Date someone you can laugh with, have fun with, and enjoys life in ways you do.

25.Date someone with common interests but also who challenges you to learn new things and loves you for your differences.

26.Don’t ask someone to change their boundaries, or what they know they need or don’t need, for you.

27.Pray. Ask if this person is someone God would want you with.

28.Don’t rush. Better to say whoa, than uh-oh.

Kim Crawford