The Light

The Light God said, “Let there be light, and there was light.” (Genesis 1:3) He spoke the light into being to awaken life. Each morning we have new mercies as the sun rises to bring light to the world. There may be darkness, but there is always light somewhere in the darkness. Sometimes a small […]

Yes, There is a Santa Chaplain

Yes there is a Santa Claus….Chaplain. This character is different from many you will know, Often there is a light, I would further say a glow. Energy abounds as the day begins, Sometimes fatigue does enter as grief is found again. This Claus is not always jolly but still tries to spread some joy, And […]

Heavenly Peace

Driving home tonight I spoke the words of Silent Night softly. Christmas comes at the perfect time of the year. No matter what we have been through all year we end with twinkling lights, colorful decorations, presents wrapped in shiny paper, fellowship with those we love, and celebration of Jesus Christ. Life is like this […]

Twas’ the Night Before…Chaplains Save…Christmas

Twas the Night Before…Chaplains Save…Christmas Twas the night before Christmas, from rooftop to basement Not a creature was stirring, not even a patient The call lights were quiet, yet nurses ready to care But hoping no codes would blast through the air The patients were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of jello […]

Christmas 2017

So much fun dressing up, singing carols, and passing out candy and Christmas love to our associates and those in waiting rooms! We are blessed to have Chaplain David Peacock join us this year with his musical gifts, but also so excited that Chaplains Drew Phillips and Phil Boettcher came on board this year. Amazing […]

Chaplain Santas

Always fun to pass out treats on special holidays! Chaplain David Kohn and I love what we do!

Brownstone Farms Christmas Pinson, AL

  Brownstone Farms Christmas is quite the event, To decorate you see, many days are spent. The tree is decorated with much sparkle and glitter, The donkeys and cows are even a-flitter. The homemade hot cocoa is brewing just so, The fudge made by Nana is better than any you know! All trees, shrubs, and […]

Old Man Peach Fuzz

Old Man Peach Fuzz  Old Man Peach Fuzz owns a little store, The experience begins when you step inside his door. First the aroma, so strong, and yet so sweet, Cinnamon, chocolate, hmmmm a hint of stinky feet. See, Old Man Peach Fuzz makes you take off your shoes, It’s all part of the joy […]

The Brothers

Five little brothers separated from their home, Father is sick and mother is gone. Orphanage is cold, foster homes aren’t better, But they’ve been through all kinds of weather. Taken home for Christmas to one house or another, Showered with gifts, but not with each other. Back at the orphanage not allowed to have gifts, […]

Three Ladies and A Box

Posted again in honor of Sweet Granny who went to Heaven March 10, 2013: Three ladies and a box.  All blessings. First let me explain the blessing box.  A friend suggested this to me and I love it! You take a box, or some type of container, and put it somewhere convenient in your home […]