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Old Man Peach Fuzz

Old Man Peach Fuzz

 Old Man Peach Fuzz owns a little store,

The experience begins when you step inside his door.

First the aroma, so strong, and yet so sweet,

Cinnamon, chocolate, hmmmm a hint of stinky feet.

See, Old Man Peach Fuzz makes you take off your shoes,

It’s all part of the joy he wants to share with you.

The reason Old Man Peach Fuzz has a “No shoes rule”

Is so that you can feel the dirt so damp and very cool.

He says God created the earth, and we should kneel on it when we pray.

To remind us God is the Potter and we are the Clay.

His store is not average, ordinary, or mundane,

Instead it is quite extraordinary; the reason for it’s fame.

Most stores are made of block, with shiny clean white floors,

This store is made of pine cones and has a sheepskin door.

Peachfuzz has friends named Big Papa and Sweet Granny, you see,

They are so very friendly and help to spread the happiness and glee.

Big Papa greets each person with a hug just like a bear,

You cannot enter the store without going past his chair.

After taking off your shoes and getting your bear hug,

You walk across a musical, polka-dotted rug.

You may then visit Sweet Granny for a big bowl of ice milk,

On top she pours sweet chocolate, smooth and creamy just like silk.

After dessert, she prepares for you a yummy plate of dinner,

I guarantee you will not leave Sweet Granny’s kitchen thinner.

Sweet Granny hums a lot and pats each customer on the cheek,

She sings Amazing Grace and of a Savior all should seek.

From within Sweet Granny’s kitchen you can hear Big Papa bellow,

Come here little children, come see me little fellow!

He loves the little children and greets each as his own,

For his big and caring heart, to everyone is known.

There are many things to buy in this old man’s store,

But it’s not the stuff he sells that leaves you wanting more.

He has a rule that all must buy one thing for another,

He asks each person to always think about their sister and their brother.

Peachfuzz says it’s family that keeps each person going,

That we should seek to give more love and hold the children as their growing.

In this little store laughter rings loudly in the air,

You cannot help but forget each worry and cast away your care.

Peachfuzz believes in dancing and shouting Jesus’ name,

He often talks of Christmas – the day our Savior came.

No one leaves the store without hearing the story of God’s love,

About His Son He sent to earth from Heaven up above.

He tells of Sweet Mary, the chosen mother of the King,

And about the angel’s message that explained everything.

Peachfuzz tells how Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem town,

Where no room or place of comfort was anywhere to be found.

They ended up in a lowly stable and in the manger laid,

The Christ Child Baby Jesus, which the good Lord gave.

Peachfuzz says the story did not end in this lowly place,

But the baby grew into a Man who died, offering all His saving grace.

Peachfuzz says he will be going soon to live in Heaven with the King,

But tells us not to cry or be sad for any little thing.

Each person leaving the store receives a copy of God’s Word,

Peachfuzz says it is the guide and to use it as your sword.

With a kiss on the cheek, and a pat on the back, Peachfuzz sends each on their way,

And he says he will see them once again in Heaven one sweet day.


Old Man Peachfuzz character created by “Sweet Granny” Dora Mae Garrett

Story by Kim Crawford

Copyright 12/2009

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