when love

The most wonderful gift is that of learning to give

As Christ gave to us so that we may live

As we give of our time, resources, tears, hugs, heart, and smiles

We may help another go forward but one mile

In that mile, while on that path, they may just find a soul

One to cherish, one to love, one to have and hold

They may give because they received and may walk a little taller

Just when they feel a gentle breeze they may notice something smaller

In a twinkle of the eye, the glow of the moon

You just might see the reason to heal a wound

Don’t pass it by for it may be fleeting and fade

When you ask, “what did I do” answer “I came to their aid”

The most surprising piece of this puzzle you’ll find

Is the blessing you receive when you are kind

kimcrawford 09.29.14


2 comments on “when love

  1. So beautiful !!! Thank you for this. God bless you !


  2. You are gifted BFF! The pome is beautiful. That you feel God’s love deeply in your heart this holiday season.


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