About Unveiled and Untangled

Unveiled and Untangled includes samples from my heart from my journey, on my journey, as I face my journey. At a young age, we begin to wear veils that hide the beauty God created in us, and our lives become tangled in the webs of the world and in the fears of judgment and the unknown. Writing helps me to experience who I am supposed to be without this veil. Writing helps me cope. Writing helps me focus on God’s purpose for my life, rather than hide behind the veil.

My life experience includes many difficult challenges, but God has shown me I may choose to abound in joy regardless of those circumstances!  Focusing on salvation and an eternal glory enables fullness of joy for me.  Remaining in God’s Word, prayer, giving continual thanks, and giving Jesus Christ the glory pours an abundance of joy into my life. God has a purpose for us, and I have known this since He breathed for me when I did not breathe for 11 minutes at birth.  God has also displayed His power in my life throughout my journey.

This blog includes stories about the blessings in my life, poems, devotions, and hopefully a little bit of joy for everyone. You will notice I write more when in celebration or distress usually. The mountains and the valleys. Life is so much one or the other.

Contact me for prayer, speaking at your church/event:

Just leave a comment and it will be emailed to me, and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

For God’s Glory!

Chaplain Kim Crawford

3 comments on “About Unveiled and Untangled

  1. Kim, you are an inspiration, for I know enough about the challenges you have faced to know that you have had “real” pain and suffering in your life, yet you let your light shine so brightly with your joy. Thank you for being my friend, for now and always. Lana


  2. Lana, you always touch my heart with your love!
    Big hug and I miss you!


  3. I am a better person for having known you and Ken. Even though we don’t serve together anymore I am still inspired by your devotion to our Lord.


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