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Yes, There is a Santa Chaplain

Yes there is a Santa Claus….Chaplain.

This character is different from many you will know,

Often there is a light, I would further say a glow.

Energy abounds as the day begins,

Sometimes fatigue does enter as grief is found again.

This Claus is not always jolly but still tries to spread some joy,

And certainly may be in the form of girl and also boy.

As the calling to this title is not one decided on a whim,

But instead a prayerful process, and many in talks with Him.

You see this Claus realizes there is more to life than gifts,

That circumstances and situations certainly come in shifts.

People need this Claus to listen when they mourn and cry,

To be there to allow the tears until they naturally dry.

To pray and ask for help, from their spiritual Hope,

To be there to tie a knot when they may feel at the end of their rope.

To provide music for comfort, song, celebration and praise,

To hold a hand in fear, or reach out to one that’s raised.

To bless the babies as they enter life,

To stand in silence with those in strife.

To be a presence when words aren’t there,

To accomplish the main goal of showing care.

This Claus is not around one day per year,

Yes, Dear Friends, Santa Chaplain is always near.

Merry Christmas my fellow Santa Chaplains this day,

Many blessings to you this Christmas and always!

kimdcrawford 12.23.16

One comment on “Yes, There is a Santa Chaplain

  1. I am astonished at the spiritual gifts are showered upon you! As a BFF I hope, in such a deep fashion, that the Lord will bless you in ways you cannot even imagine In 2017. Love & blessings to you!!!!!!!


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