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Brownstone Farms Christmas Pinson, AL



Brownstone Farms Christmas is quite the event,

To decorate you see, many days are spent.

The tree is decorated with much sparkle and glitter,

The donkeys and cows are even a-flitter.

The homemade hot cocoa is brewing just so,

The fudge made by Nana is better than any you know!

All trees, shrubs, and buildings are covered in lights,

Passengers can see them from overhead flights.

The decor is beyond what Southern Living could create,

And so much better than Martha Stewart could ever rate.

The prayers are thoughtful and blessings abound,

You never know what or whom will be blessed in that round.

The presents receive appreciation and several “Lookie heres”

They are each purchased with great love, on clearance, and in care.

The games are played with competition and fevor,

And the rules don’t apply if you are quite clever.

Three large refrigerators are stuffed with food, cakes, and pies,

You may eat something made by Elvis, his wife, or a neighbor walking by.

And there is never a Brownstone Christmas without punch,

No alcohol here, but yummy for breakfast, dinner, or lunch!

As you enter the property and take in the glamour,

One may wonder what is the fuss? What is all that clamor?

Ah, this year it is the clothes on the line which create the fun,

Although it is Christmas, the undergarments must be washed and work must be done.

Brownstone Christmas is unique, and quite the place to attend,

Especially if your heart needs to mend.

There is joy in abundance and love is shared with all,

So if you are invited, RSVP, and attend you all!

Merry Christmas!

kimdcrawford 12.29.16


One comment on “Brownstone Farms Christmas Pinson, AL

  1. Fun! Funny! Yummy! An event filled with people I would have enjoyed being around. Makes me wish I could have gone with you!!!!!


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