Old Man Peach Fuzz

Old Man Peach Fuzz  Old Man Peach Fuzz owns a little store, The experience begins when you step inside his door. First the aroma, so strong, and yet so sweet, Cinnamon, chocolate, hmmmm a hint of stinky feet. See, Old Man Peach Fuzz makes you take off your shoes, It’s all part of the joy […]

The Brothers

Five little brothers separated from their home, Father is sick and mother is gone. Orphanage is cold, foster homes aren’t better, But they’ve been through all kinds of weather. Taken home for Christmas to one house or another, Showered with gifts, but not with each other. Back at the orphanage not allowed to have gifts, […]

Three Ladies and A Box

Posted again in honor of Sweet Granny who went to Heaven March 10, 2013: Three ladies and a box.  All blessings. First let me explain the blessing box.  A friend suggested this to me and I love it! You take a box, or some type of container, and put it somewhere convenient in your home […]

Collierville Christmas Angel

Originally posted on Unveiled & Untangled:
I had the privilege of staying at the Hampton Inn in Collierville, TN this past week-end. The hotel was clean and had a comfortable bed. Nothing special and no complaints. The privilege was a certain employee at the Hampton. Throughout the week-end I heard her greet people and wish…

Heaven in your Soul

Adrian Rogers said, “A little faith will get your soul into Heaven, but great faith will bring Heaven to your soul.” This week-end as I walked through the hospital to see a patient, I heard beautiful music. I followed the sound to find a lady with a guitar and a man with a keyboard. Their […]

Worship Dance Team Christmas 2009 Crosspoint

Quotes and Such 2011

Quotes and Such 2011 Quotes from Mitch Albom’s movie Have a Little Faith: Regarding a minute with God: “Lord, I’ve done x amount of good stuff on earth. I have tried to follow your teachings and to pass them on. I have loved my family, I’ve been part of a community. And I have been, […]