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He remains

My son is moving across the country.

My friend gets the job that doubles his income.

I thought I made a B in a class (yes, I was heartbroken…a 94 is a B in some of my classes…yuck)…It was an A after all!

My friend endures great sadness…with grace and strength.

My grandmother (who is 97, fell down the stairs last year with a brain injury and stroke) is working hard on our Christmas presents.

We changed our work schedule, which has thrown our brains off track.

An encouragement is sent from an old friend…very kind.

My family still doesn’t understand why I don’t like football.

I find three kids who need homes.

I view a home that has a mattress in the basement with an old blanket and radio.  I should take him/her food.

The clock is ticking behind me.

My birthday is one week away.

Time keeps going and things change.

God never changes.  He remains awesome.

I change.  Gradually. Small bits at a time…realizing that God remains awesome.

Good night,


October 14, 2010

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