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Collierville Christmas Angel

I had the privilege of staying at the Hampton Inn in Collierville, TN this past week-end. The hotel was clean and had a comfortable bed. Nothing special and no complaints. The privilege was a certain employee at the Hampton.

Throughout the week-end I heard her greet people and wish others a great day. You could tell she truly cared how people were doing and hoped they had a day filled with joy. It was so obvious that she has joy in abundance. It was not good customer service. It was not to help her excel in her job. The compassion, joy, and friendliness was true. The last conversation I heard was between she and a guest. She said that Christmas is all about family and love and spending time with family. She added that Christmas is also about Jesus and that she is so glad He was born. Simply stated yet the most beautiful and intelligent words spoken.  She has figured out what life is all about.  She has found purpose.  She has eternal hope.  She is glad Jesus was born.  My heart was blessed as I heard her words. This girl who cleans at the Hampton Inn was not afraid to greet busy guests. She was not apprehensive about wishing them well. The joy beaming from her was Jesus shining through.

I decided I had to tell her what a blessing she was to me. I was busy trying to get out by my check-out time. I packed my car and realized I had not seen her again. I decided it was not meant to be and was going to return the cart and leave for Birmingham, AL. As I entered the hotel foyer I looked through the glass door. Crossing the lobby was the Collierville Christmas angel. I ran in and asked her to come to my car because I had something for her. I told her what I heard her say and how much I appreciate her joy and her eagerness to talk about Jesus. I gave her lunch money because I felt it was the least I could do. The money will never equal the priceless blessing she gave me. She asked me what my name is and I said “Kim”. She said that my name was pretty. I asked her name. She said “Janelle”. I told her that her name was much prettier than mine.

Collierville, TN has a Christmas angel at the Hampton Inn. Her name is Janelle. I will never forget her. Let Janelle inspire you to find joy in all you do. When you are working, cleaning, tired or weary remember Janelle. When you think about or talk to others, remember how Janelle cares about them. Most of all, this Christmas remember the words of the Collierville Christmas angel and enjoy your family, the love you share with others, and be thankful for Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to send Janelle, the Collierville Christmas angel, a card.  Let’s return the love she so freely gives.  The address of the hotel is: Hampton Inn, 1280 W Poplar Ave, Collierville, TN 38017, (901) 854-9400

Merry Christmas
kim 2009

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    And I still think about Janelle each Christmas and the blessing she is. Thank you Collierville Christmas Angel!


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