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Heaven in your Soul

Adrian Rogers said, “A little faith will get your soul into Heaven, but great faith will bring Heaven to your soul.”

This week-end as I walked through the hospital to see a patient, I heard beautiful music.

I followed the sound to find a lady with a guitar and a man with a keyboard.

Their audience consisted of a man with Parkinson’s, his wife, and three ladies who work at the hospital.

They were singing “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

I joined in the glorious Christmas chorus.

I looked to my left and realized there were people descending the large staircase.

Above them, lining the balcony were more people.

The elevator balcony was also full of people looking down upon us.

Above them on the 3rd floor, people were lining the balconies.

Some sang, some cried, some smiled, some watched in silence.

A little Heaven was sent down to my soul in that moment.

My first bit of Christmas this year.

kim crawford horton

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