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St. Vincent’s Chaplaincy Retreat 2018

Challenge for Men

I have posted surveys and challenges on this blog before. Once I surveyed people to ask what their definition was of love. It received a lot of response and feedback. People want to love and be loved. Today, I post a survey for the men: Husbands, who is your wife? Why do you love her? […]

Around the Corner

I’m always seeking to grow and learn more about loving others the way Christ loves…if you know me, then you know this is true. I love to grow, love to love, and love to write about it. I’m an encourager and love to help others recognize their strengths and build their confidence. I write a […]

Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet and a Light Unto My Path

5 Communication Tools for Marriage  

Prayer of a Child

My grandmother always said she would rather have a child pray then adult because they are sincere. I agree. No judgement or assumption. Not trying to impress anyone with big words or quotes. Straight from the heart. Kim Crawford Meeks

He walks with me. He talks to me.

C. Austin Miles was a pharmacist in 1912. Photography was his hobby, and “he found his darkroom perfect for developing, not just his photographs, but his devotional life. In its privacy and strange blue glow, Miles could read his Bible in total privacy. One day in March 1912, while waiting for some film to develop, […]