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Quiet Waters of Sisterhood

Cindy Dixon Ms. Senior Alabama, 2020.I have been writing devotionals to send to the contestant and board members each week for the past month or so. Our theme was Quiet Waters based on Psalm 23, where our Shepherd leads us to quiet waters. 

I was going through the senses each week in seeking quiet waters. We covered sight, hearing, touch, and still had smell and taste remaining.

There was something greater to savor though in the last week, therefore I switched gears.

At the workshop a few weeks ago, as everyone finally had a face with a name, a beautiful thing happened.

The immediate bond we experienced was seen and felt. The employees of the church

saw it, heard it, felt it, smelled it, and tasted the sweetness of spirit within each of us.

They commented on the delight they felt as they watched women helping one another, laughing together,and encouraging one another. It was as if we were sorority sisters coming together after many years, yet most of us had never met in person. Ms. Senior Alabama, Cindy Dixon 2020, has talked about being Sister Queens many times in her reign. She was very touched by so many and has made lifelong friends in this sisterhood.

May I introduce my own soul sister: Dr. Penny Njoroge, 2020 1st Runner Up to 

Penny: I was born in Africa and grew up with one challenge and the next. Eventually, after overcoming many obstacles, I came to Alabama. I furthered my education and became a chaplain. I had no idea at the time the sisters I would gain throughout my physical and spiritual journey. One morning I was going through pre-surgery at the hospital and stepped into a bay, and asked a mother if she wanted prayer before her young daughter went to surgery.

Kim: The mother was me. My daughter had been ran over by a motorcycle and had to have several surgeries to put her all back together. The moment I met Chaplain Penny I knew she was my sister. She invited me to her home later and I explained I didn’t know what I was going to do with my Bible degree and asked about Chaplaincy. She said if I could it, you can, and with the support and encouragement of my sister Penny, I did. 

Penny: We would have never guessed when looking up at the stars from Africa to Alabama, we would one day be sister’s standing in the same light. Experiencing the sweetness of the Holy Spirit weaving threads of life and hope through each of us to form an unbreakable 

strand of strength.

Kim: So, let’s go together to quiet waters through the 23rd Psalm to open in prayer today:

(Kim states a verse in English, and Penny repeats in her native language and continue…)

The LORD is my dshepherd; I shall not ewant.

2  He makes me lie down in green fpastures.

He leads me beside still waters.1

3  He grestores my soul.

He hleads me in ipaths of righteousness2

for his jname’s sake.

4  Even though I kwalk through the valley of lthe shadow of death,3

I will mfear no evil,

for nyou are with me;

your orod and your staff,

they comfort me.

5  You pprepare a table before me

in qthe presence of my enemies;

you ranoint my head with oil;

my scup overflows.

6  Surely4 goodness and mercy5 shall follow me

all the days of my life,

and I shall tdwell6 in the house of the LORD


*Invocation for Ms. Senior Alabama 2021.

Kim Crawford-Meeks


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