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Alone in a Crowd at the Beach

Listening to the waves breaking just a few feet from my toes

Feeling the sunshine warming my skin and hugging my soul

Seeing the dolphins innocently jump and play without knowledge of my existence this day

Feeling the hairs stand up on my skin as a I hear a child scream in utter pain

Watching the child comforted by parents as the jellyfish creature is explained

Realizing jellyfish stings surprising playful babes is today’s theme

Sympathizing with the jellyfish who has no ill will or divisive schemes

Wishing the sweet children and the sea animal could be friends

Knowing this kinship will not occur soon, as it takes time to mend

Wondering when it will be an appropriate time to eat my bologna sandwich with mustard

Craving a watermelon, banana, strawberry, ice custard

Sinking the legs of my chair deeper into the sand to steady my position

Contemplating how much people would pay if the beach charged admission

Swaying to the various tunes playing from those who surround me

Blinking back tears when a lyric reminds me of those I no longer see

Tasting sand crunch in my teeth from the spattering of nearby feet running

Braving to leave the umbrella for a moment to try sunning

Smelling coconut in the spray as I protect my skin from the  brilliant rays

Savoring the peace and tranquility that comes with this day

Grinning at the young men having handstand competitions

Scoring them each a 10 for effort and ambition

Laughing out loud as a pirate and shark stroll across the edge of the ocean

Experiencing the surprise as the spectators roar in commotion

Trembling with fear as I see a baby running toward the waters so deep 

Running to catch him and see his mother grab him and weep

Warming my heart is the young couple in love and on their own little isle

Reaching out to hold my husband’s hand knowing a love that lasts mile after mile

Wiggling my toes which are now buried in the cool sand

Adding a note to have more of these beautiful days planned

Observing a seagull with a wing hanging lower than others

Hoping he can fly with his feathered sisters and brothers

Joining the fun as I run in the ocean so green, cool, and blue

Picking myself up as a wave overcomes me, and I never had a clue

Trying again to brave the ebb and flow of the waters so strong

Surging with energy as I  jump and leap, and my heart sings a song

Resting once more on the beach under the shade so very nice

Sipping some lemonade and crunching some ice

Witnessing a family laughing and riding in waves crashing

Noticing a gentleman watching them from the shore without passion

Standing so still and carefully not moving, this man without mission

Panicking I realize I turned my head and don’t see him within my vision

Turning to look I see he is looking for his chair and umbrella

Returning to his spot on the shore and standing so mellow

Purposefully he stands adjusting the string on his pants

Fidgeting with his shirt, yet never moves again or changes his stance

Imagining what his life was like in years past and long gone

Guiding him gently, a young boy holds his hand and guides him toward home

Kim Crawford-Meeks 09/10/2020 copyright

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