8 Year Anniversaries of God’s Power and Intervention on FB

As Facebook users know, in Newsfeed, posts of your own friends feed through for you to read. Yesterday I had 2 posts, one just after the other, my friends but not friends with one another, that had striking similiarities.

Both celebrating 8 Year Anniversaries of God’s Power.

To protect their privacy, I will not say names but feel since both posted in a manner of testifying to God’s work in their lives, I am quite sure they will be fine if I share their stories.

The first 8 year Anniversary was to celebrate God’s work as stated,

“God loved me enough to stop me in the middle of my sin and reveal Himself to me in a mighty way. He took this prideful, arrogant, ungrateful, loser of a woman and breathed His life into me and I became brand new…I became His. I am walking, talking, living, breathing proof that God can AND WILL do the impossible.

God intervened.

The other friend posted her 8 year Anniversay to celebrate God’s work in this manner,

“Today will be 8 years since we started this journey with brain cancer…I can still remember the doctor looking at me and telling me (husband) has stage 4 brain cancer…and he has about 48 weeks to live….But I can say we are so blessed that our God is so Big that he has shown so many people that He is still doing Miracles!”

God intervened.

As I saw these 2 posts in my feed, one just after the other, I had to do a double take as I saw that not only were both celebrating anniversaries, but they were anniversaries of God’s Power, and both 8 years. If that doesn’t cause a moment of awesome wonder, a chill to run down your body, and a feeling of the Presence of the Holy Spirit, then I’m not sure what would.

I almost stopped there but then thought, what did God do in my life in 2008. Looked back on my blog and oh yeah, 2008…

My appendix almost burst before going into surgery. God intervened.

On my first day of work on the way home I was stopped to turn and hit from behind by a truck. The car in front of me turned in the second of time I needed it to, therefore I was hit but not sandwiched between a truck and suv. God intervened.

Makenzi asked to hold a puppy and a motorcycle ran over her. The puppy took the blow that would have gone to her internal organs. She turned her head in the direction the puppy jumped. She could have been killed or beheaded. Her ear dangled and collar bone was broken and sticking straight up but she lived and had an awesome testimony. God intervened.

That Christmas I wrote:

“This year we had an emergency appendectomy, what could have been a fatal car wreck –no two of those, filet o’ ear and a broken collar bone due to flying motorcycles, loss of a job, reactions to medications, a car that went kerplunk, damage due to a drunk driver, loss of friends, friends with battles of addiction, friends with disease, friends with loss of marriage and trust, a heart that didn’t beat correctly, stress, dangerous situations, and a broken heart. Yet, we stand.
We stand blessed and whole.”

I was in Bible college that year and wondering what God was going to do with me…in Bible college? During one of Makenzi’s surgeries, in the door walked a chaplain. God used her to comfort us and to introduce and call me to chaplaincy.

I also blogged a conversation between our children’s minister and a child:

“What is peace?”
“Not allowing anything to come between us and God.”

And my boss earlier in 2008 had a dream about me and said:

She is obedient. I saw her standing tall with something holding her up straight and she was looking down on the muck.” 

I don’t know how obedient I am (oh my) but yes I stand tall and the something is God who holds me up and intervenes for me as we look down on the muck together.

Of the many verses I wrote on my blog that year, this is one I will share now:

Isaiah 30:15, “In quietness and in trust shall be your strength.”

Whatever your chaos might be, we are able to have quietness and strength in the midst of it because God intervenes.


Oh, and happy 8 year anniversary to my friends!

kimdcrawford 10.28.16

3 comments on “8 Year Anniversaries of God’s Power and Intervention on FB

  1. Praise God for his indescribable love! Wow, Kim! I am so thankful I can’t read what you write, because I feel very blessed. Very incredible and I’m sure very timely For you at this point in your life. Our God is a refuge and a rock, a very present help in times of need. Here’s to the love of Jesus Christ!


  2. Incredible !!!!!! Praise Him! I made some comments after your post.

    Sent from my iPhone David Kohn



  3. Wow! This makes me think of passages within the Bible where God sets out to remind us of his constant presence. Passages like:
    If God is for us who can be against us? Apostle Paul said that to the church in Rome. Jesus said, “and I will be with you always, even to the end of the age.” There are constant reminders from God in the Old Testament and the New Testament, that he will fight for us and that he will always be present with us. Thank you so much for sharing the Blog with us.


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