When Booboo Had a Party – a story by Granna and Lily

Once there was a frog who lived on a pond called Sessaloo.

His name was Cuteque but most friends called him Booboo.

Booboo did not like this nickname at all.

So sometimes he ignored those who came to call.

His friends would say, “Hey, Booboo, come out to play!”

But Booboo, croaked, “No way, not today.”

So he stayed in his house made of ice cream and cookies, too.

Pouting, and crying, wondering why they called him Booboo?

One day Miss Moose jumped in the pond and told Booboo the reason.

She explained it was because of what happened last Christmas season.

Miss Moose reminded him that he fell in the snow.

And because of this “oopsie” all his friends still glow.

They smile when they think of Booboo slipping and sliding.

Because who had ever seen a frog on ice and gliding?

Miss Moose gave him advice to just laugh at himself too.

And then he might feel better at being called Booboo.

Booboo thought about her words and prayed about them also.

And decided he would laugh and invite his friends to eat chips and salsa.

All the creatures in the forest and down in the pond, gathered in the ice cream and cookie house.

They giggled, played, danced, and sang and even ate cheese from Mr. Mouse.

All night long they partied and they sang tunes.

Until the sun came up in place of the moon.

Kim Crawford and Lily Mae Jackson


2 comments on “When Booboo Had a Party – a story by Granna and Lily

  1. I’ve Been wondering what my rescue cats from Alabama have been doing out all night!!!Thanks for your wisdom and JOY! Love your story! and You! Meredith


  2. Love you too!


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