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My Treasure

I have some incredible women in my life,

Sweet Granny the perfect example of a loving wife.

Precious, beautiful, gentle and kind,

A rare Diamond, another like her you will not find.

My aunt with her wardrobe, make up, and Pearls,

She and I are alike…100% girls.

My cousin, the Ruby, so giving, funny and strong,

She loves me always, even when I’m wrong.

My niece, the writer, full of stories unending,

The Gold at the end of the rainbow, her pencil is sending.

Niece, with Emerald eyes – the Kim-like one,

Full of life and passion, hair golden like the sun.

My friend with a bond as deep as the ocean blue,

She is the Sapphire, so steady and true.

The Jade is my sister-in-law, so strong and courageous,

Her laughter and smile are always contagious.

Amethysts are unique based on the local mine,

Like my incredible daughter-in-law whom always shines.

My daughter the Opal, how do I begin this salutation?

She is able to adapt in any situation,

Loving, hysterical, creative and pretty as can be

She is my heart, walking outside of me.

My mother, the Jeweler, tenderly caring for all,

Willing to give whether the deed big or small

Loving and leading, ever so strong

You say your mom’s better, I would say you are wrong.

To know each of these ladies is such a pleasure

To call them family is my personal treasure.

I love you all.


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