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This You Will Know

You may feel lost, like all you do is roam

Like a tornado is blasting all that is home

Maybe it seems every time you build a bit

A freight train runs over you and just won’t quit

Perhaps it feels like you have no love

Not even a connection with God above

Does it seem people are never true

They always turn and betray you

Maybe it’s loss which you just can’t fix

Or sickness that won’t heal and just can’t kick

Maybe it’s money and there is never enough

Or perhaps it isn’t one thing but that everything is tough

But then there is a glimmer of light which is hope

A laugh, a hug, or a song that helps you cope

And you take a deep breath and realize there is a bigger plan

You haven’t fallen down where you’re unable to stand

But rather you are climbing out of a pit

It may be baby steps but so worth the trip

Because along the way you are learning how to be strong and still

Which is not giving up your life but instead letting go of your will

Trusting that God has forgotten the past

And is holding you fast

He is also going ahead and preparing the way

To make it all mean something and lead you through the maze 

He’s working and watching and weaving His love

Through your broken pieces so you can reach the mountain top above

So strive on and move forward while taking breaks to rest

Knowing God is present and knows what is best

Breathe in the breeze, listen to the birds sing their songs

Stop and feel comfort even when the day is long

Don’t ever give up because the darkness engulfs

There is always a glimmer of hope to live for and will be enough

Just give it all time to unfold and your story will show

You have hope and a purpose and this you will know.



One comment on “This You Will Know

  1. Wow! That’s a very powerful poem.


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