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Soaking in God’s Grace

Dearest Theophilus Turtle,

While cruising around the lake and admiring the sun dancing on the water’s face

I stopped in my tracks as I noticed you there, soaking in God’s grace.

What joy it brought to my heart, and oh, did my soul take a leap within

To see you with those you refer to as your heart; those who are your kin.

I know you have been close to them, and your soul overflows even still

As you have them in your life, to be with you when you don’t know how to feel.

And to be resting on Pain Lake, after what you have been through

I am amazed at your strength and ability to start life anew.

Your love for others shines brightly, even when your clouds are gray

You hold your head up high, even though you can’t see past today.

Your ability to be still, and know that you can rest in the Lord’s great hands,

Shows that you are following His purpose and taking part in a plan.

I remember you telling me, in the midst of heartache you were able to grow

And in the loss, you gained most of what you truly know.

A limb crashing into the water reminds me of you almost drowning in the deep

Your cries to escape and to allow an eternity of dark sleep

As you sit on that log, atop Pain Lake you bask in peace, I see

I am warmed by the sun, and smile with the joy that connects you and me.

kim crawford 04.03.14


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