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Charge Up & Turn It On

In our world of Smartphones, laptops, iPads, iPods, etc……

In order to connect to the world and utilize these efficient and fun devices we have to charge the battery and keep it charged.

We believe it will charge and be ready.

We believe the electrical force is in place to charge the battery (if we pay our power bill of course).

We plug it in.

The energy force is connected. It is alive. It is ready.

We charge it.

The energy has transferred and dwells within the device.

But we must turn on the device for it to work.

It is the same way with our salvation. Our relationship with Jesus Christ.

We must believe.

We must connect with Him through prayer and His Word.

We have the Holy Spirit dwelling within.

Just as we have to turn on the power switch for our devices, we must turn on, or allow the Holy Spirit to work through us.

Being connected is necessary, awesome, and we have eternal life waiting when we accept salvation.

Living a Christian life, growing, and serving requires allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us.

With this kind of energy running through our circuits, we can love so many people, laugh often, walk through pain with those suffering, and spread the news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

So, get connected. Charge up and Turn it On!!!!

kimcrawford 03/08/2014

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