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Written for Theophilus

Dear Kim,

Theophilus asked me to write on his behalf.

I have stories that will make you laugh.

We met just soon after you were gone.

He was sad, sitting there alone.

I asked if he would like to climb up a tree

He replied “not really, are you kidding, it’s me.”

He showed me his feet kind of round, fat and thick

I showed him a crazy, flippity, trick

I grabbed a lily pad and made a backpack

Stuck him inside, kind of like a sack.

Up the tree we climbed lickety split

At first he screamed “stop” but then he quit.

He realized the majesty seen from the treetops

A much different view than down in the slops.

He oohed and he awed and the back pack, it broke

“Down goes Theophilus” old Frogford croaked.

He splashed in the water, toppled and swam,

Up popped his head and he yelled “let’s do it again!”

He is on an adventure, climbing Goathill

I’m sure he is having quite a thrill.

Please come visit soon, I would love to meet you

I will make you my famous banana stew!




copyright 09/13/2011

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