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Theophilus, Theophilus, Where Are You?

Dear Theophilus,

I just want to let you know.

I missed you in the snow.

Were you warm?  Did you have food?

What are you like in the cold? What’s your mood?

During the storms, and winds oh so strong

Were you able to stay in your home where you belong?

Did waters flood you out in the street?

Oh, Theophilus, please tell me you had something to eat!

In the hot blistering sun, did you have water to drink?

Did you bathe, swim, float or sink?

When the trees fell and winds blew, were you sheltered from danger?

Were you cuddled and swaddled like the Babe in the manger?

Theophilus, I can’t hear or see you, but I know

You are fine because in my heart, you grow.

kim c.

copyright september 12, 2011

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