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Uncle Turlte Rescued

Dear Theopilus,

As  I was coming home from church Sunday

I noticed Uncle Turtle in the way

There he was sitting still

Just over a little hill

He sat in the very middle of the road

I was hoping he learned to hop like a toad

We screeched past him with hearts sinking

But wait, something must be done, we were thinking

My dear friend turned the car around

I must admit my heart did pound

He picked up Uncle Turtle just in time

As a car stopped on a dime

He carried him carefully and lovingly to the trees

He kneeled down upon his knees

He waited patiently and gave Uncle Turtle time

To realize life may be an uphill climb

But just when you need it

Just when you quit

Just when you are in deep

And in the night you weep

A brave prince comes along

He helps you sing a new song

He doesn’t scream or judge your choices

He gives you time to sort the past voices

Just when you don’t know which way to turn

He offers another chance to learn

He lovingly reaches down and lifts you up

He carries you through the mud and the muck

He waits to make sure you are on the right path

He never makes fun nor does he laugh

He is quiet and present

Loving and still

And gives you the strength to climb the next hill

So thank you to our super friend

And blessings to you and all of your kin.

kim crawford 07.25.14

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