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Turtle Strength

I passed by a turtle in the road yesterday.

A truck was coming toward the turtle.

I tensed, hoping I wasn’t about to witness a smushing.

“Please, please don’t smush the turtle” I muttered.

I noticed the turtles’ head stretched out of his shell…stretched further than any little turtle head I have ever seen!

I watched the big red truck drive over the turtle, oh no!

Whew, no smushing!

While that massive truck drove over the little bitty turtle, he never winced.

He held his head out strong and tall through the whole horrifying ordeal.

Surely, if a little turtle can hold his head up high…I can.

David faced a giant.  Little boy who held his head up tall while that giant towered over him.

Daniel faced the lions.  Young Daniel against a lion. Have you seen a lion?

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego faced fire.  Do I have to explain that one?

Noah faced a flood. They had never seen rain.

Abraham faced murdering his own son. In faith he called the place “The Lord will provide.”

Jonah faced the belly of a fish. We think mri tests are bad?

Moses faced a Red Sea. Oh, and an army of men who wanted him dead.

The blind, deaf, diseased, disabled went to Jesus in faith.

God is faithful.

Jesus healed and heals.

He parts seas.

He provides rams.

He commands fish to spit out men on dry land.

He builds boats.

He shields against flames.

He shuts the mouths of lions.

He provides good aim and strength for a little stone to knock down a big giant.

He allows drivers to be aware of turtles and prevents smushings.

And He gives turtles strength.

(Click the link to check our the interactive story on You Tube. Subscribe to our channel please: Happy Campers David & Kim Meeks.)

Kim Crawford-Meeks

Copyright 06/10/10, 03/16/20

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