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A Real Woman

I’m a real woman you see

Petite. Sweet. Concrete.

I’m not 6′ 3′ and 105 pounds

My legs aren’t longer than the lineage of the Crown

I’m just 5′ 2, and my eyes aren’t blue

My eyes are green, and some days I don’t have a clue

Why I feel the way I do, or why I try to do too much

I stay so busy, and yet it’s my crutch

I lean on doing, going, and goals

I’m surprised to see I’m growing old

Deep down inside I’m still that little girl

Who wants to sparkle, shine, spin, and twirl

With dreams of Prince Charming sweeping me off my feet

So, please don’t view me as a woman to compete

With all the “perfect” women at the center of dreams

I don’t play games and devise crazy schemes

I give my heart, my time, and my care

When I love you, there is nothing I won’t share

I believe in others and want to cheer them on

If you know me long enough, I’ll probably write you a song

I cry during romantic movies, and Andy Griffith shows

Sometimes I cry hard, when nobody knows

I try to lift everyone up and see the best in them

I want others to see in their mirrors a gem

For I see inside you something created intently

And want to push you toward your awesome, but I do so gently

I love to cook a good meal and hear you say “Yum!”

Even if it tastes so badly, that afterward you chew gum

Just like my sisters, I need to know your word is true

That you purposefully try never to make me blue

I need to know you mean what you say

And will be honest and real, even on a gray day

I have scars from childbirth, surgeries, and life

I am resilient and determined, and speak peace within strife

I don’t tolerate laziness, being crude, or demeaning

Pouting is something I ask you to do as you’re leaving

I have wrinkles, and aches, and sometimes I’m tired

But never, not a day, am I uninspired

I see life as a gift, and beauty in the details

I hear the ocean singing Heaven’s songs in seashells

I hurt when someone is cruel, thoughtless, and mean

Because I’m strong – don’t think I’m a machine

I’m flesh and blood with emotions God gave

But, I’ve grown and I’m courageous and brave

I don’t have thick hair, dark like the night

I think my hair is still blonde, but your guess is as good as mine

My nails are not long, because they just won’t grow

But I do choose joy that creates quite a glow

I see life illuminated with a hue of rainbows and sunshine

Puppy dogs, bunnies, babies, and precious times

There are times when I need to be held in arms I can trust

Sometimes I crave this so much, I think I may bust

I truly try to always get better, not bitter

I think everything in life should have more glitter

I believe my attitude determines my altitude

I desire romance not continual feud

I feel fat when I’m thin, and see my every flaw

But love more than anything, being Grandma

I sing when out of tune, and dance when no one is watching

I can clean a house faster than most, including the washing

I find meaning in holidays, anniversaries, and silly things

Like taking out the garbage, and don’t need expensive rings

To me the bling is created when you smile at me

Because you love the real me, and that’s who you see.

Kim Crawford-Meeks

02.09.2018, revised 04/01/2020, revised 06/20/2021





One comment on “A Real Woman

  1. This poem is so beautiful Sister Minister Kim. Keep your vision wide and the light will forever shine upon your face. 🙂


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