Cast all of your cares – Coping with life

Dating Etiquette

So, hearing many crazy stories about bad dates, and bad dating, I decided to see what the world has to say about dating etiquette and advice. What I found is a warped bunch of bad advice. What has happened to our society? Since there is nothing out there worth sharing, let’s write our own. Let’s […]

STONE – Be a safe person

Guys, this one has the nugget you need for communicating with the woman in your life. It will change your life and she will think you are amazing! Take a few minutes and listen!! I realize part of the reason I highly prefer writing to video blogging is because I can save, revise, repeat. With […]

Bit of wisdom

“You can’t rub the stripes off that zebra and make it a horse.” Dr. Kevin Leman “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Maya Angelou

Know love

If we are lucky we find love. If we are blessed we understand it’s meaning. Jenny Lee, Call the Midwife

Unveiled and Untangled

Under the stars, under the sea, under the tree with the red and yellow leaves Under the wind whistling through the barn, under the moon round – golden and orange Under the breath, screaming whispers Under the stares, shooting glares Under the covers, shaking fear. Under the spite, deep scars. Under the hotdog, mustard dropping […]


Live Don’t think outside the box. Live outside the box. Feel outside the box. Color outside the lines with all of the unexpected colors. Wear glitter and pearls to walk down a country road and comfy clothes to work. Disconnect the dots. Bake when you want to and never as a chore. Eat cake without […]