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Don’t think outside the box.

Live outside the box. Feel outside the box.

Color outside the lines with all of the unexpected colors.

Wear glitter and pearls to the grocery store and comfy clothes to work.

Disconnect the dots.

Bake when you want to and never as a chore.

Eat cake without icing and icing without cake.

Laugh out loud. Very loudly and for a long time.

Cry ugly.

Hug daily. Nightly. Even if you are alone. Hug you. Write yourself love notes. Why not?

Reach for the stars and stuff them in your pockets so you are never in the dark again.

Play with puppies and simply say puppy feet when you don’t know what to say.

Ask children to pray for you. Listen to them pray.

Stop to smell the roses. And the sugar cookies. And the ocean. And honeysuckles.

Watch sappy love stories because you refuse to stop believing in fairy tales.

Dance. Skip. Frolic in a meadow. Stop. Repeat.

Hold a hot drink. Allow it to fog your glasses so that you don’t have to see anything if just for a moment. Sip. Exhale.


Hear the snow.

Touch the sunshine.

Taste the wind.

Smell the rain.

See the love.

Feel alive.

Live your life.


Each person has a unique experience and a story to tell that is their very own. There is no script. There is no “normal.” What there is in this life is opportunity to live. As the sun sets each night, the things of the day become the past. As the sun rises each morning, the things coming that day become our future. The moment we are in is where we are and the only place we can be. We can learn from the past, grow, cry about it, and laugh at it, but we cannot change it. We certainly still feel it for as long as we feel it. There is no time line on how long we feel things, but we are not there now.

We can prepare for the future by taking care of ourselves, setting goals, making plans, but we cannot touch the future. We cannot control it. The past nor the future are our realities.

Where we stand right now is our reality. This is it. We can live it to the fullest until we take our next step, and that step into the future becomes our present. Psalm 119:105 states, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” God wants us to rest right where we are. Taking on the past, present, and future can be overwhelming. When we take the time to be in the present, where we literally are, we can live. God wants us to rest right where we are because He will give us the light we need for the next step we are to take, when we need it. Until that next step is illuminated – live.

Chaplain Kim Crawford-Meeks 12.7.17; revised 11.6.18

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