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Dating Etiquette

So, hearing many crazy stories about bad dates, and bad dating, I decided to see what the world has to say about dating etiquette and advice. What I found is a warped bunch of bad advice. What has happened to our society? Since there is nothing out there worth sharing, let’s write our own. Let’s try to salvage this mess we’ve all made. My male brothers, my soul sisters, listen up, write it down, screenshot it, forward to your inbox….here goes:

1.Be on time.

2.Guy pays…at least the first date until that is worked out later.

3.Don’t send a picture from 20 years ago. When you show up, they might just notice.

4.Don’t ask on the first date, “So, how am I doing? Do you like me?”

5.Don’t show up drunk. Really don’t.

6.Don’t disappear during the date.

7.Put your phone down. Be on the date.

8.Walk her to the car.

9.Don’t just walk to the car…when she’s in it, say, “Let me know you arrive home safely.” Then shut the door. Don’t walk off when she gets in and then turns her head to see your gone. Rude!

10.Don’t check out other girls while on a date. Immature. Ew. Sooo not ok.

11.Don’t date if you aren’t dateable. Make sure your heart is ready to give someone a chance.

12.Don’t say things you don’t mean. Be charming if you want to charm someone. If you don’t, then be polite and don’t lead them on.

13.Be appropriate. You know what I mean.

14.Carry your side of the conversation. Don’t interrogate. Don’t just sit there saying nothing. Be yourself and talk.

15.Call or text the next day to thank them for the date. Especially if you want a second one.

16.Don’t say, “I’m going to marry you” on the first date.

17.Don’t watch tv if there is one in the restaurant.

18.Don’t show interest beyond your interest. Don’t play with people’s hearts.

18.Be honest. First date, 300th date, your goals and ideas change, then tell the other person face to face. No ghosting. No shutting out (for people who don’t know what ghosting is). Don’t break up in texts. Be an adult. Talk.

19.Don’t date to be rescued. Get your stuff together before you pull someone else into it.

20.Date with the mindset, how may I serve this person? How may I show them the Fruits of the Spirit – Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

21.Date someone you think you could serve God with.

22.Date someone who will love your family and respect your love for them…especially your kids.

23. Date someone you think you can trust. If you can’t, because of them or you, then don’t date them.

24.Date someone you can laugh with, have fun with, and enjoys life in ways you do.

25.Date someone with common interests but also who challenges you to learn new things and loves you for your differences.

26.Don’t ask someone to change their boundaries, or what they know they need or don’t need, for you.

27.Pray. Ask if this person is someone God would want you with.

28.Don’t rush. Better to say whoa, than uh-oh.

Kim Crawford

One comment on “Dating Etiquette

  1. Amen, BBFF!!!!


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