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STONE – Be a safe person

Guys, this one has the nugget you need for communicating with the woman in your life. It will change your life and she will think you are amazing! Take a few minutes and listen!!

I realize part of the reason I highly prefer writing to video blogging is because I can save, revise, repeat. With video you have to start over unless you are a very skilled editor, and I am not. I do realize that many people prefer to hit a play button over reading, which is perfectly fine, therefore the videos will continue. They are certainly more raw than my writings and more personal. I have spoken in person for years, but again, video is new to me. We grow in the midst of stretching and challenge…I think that is exactly how the minister put it today, The whole point is to share our hearts. I have done that via this blog and through writing for years. If these videos reach that one person we are praying for, then praise God!

The subject of being a safe person is one of great importance to me. I have experienced too many people in my life who are not safe. I do no fault or blame them though. I just don’t think they knew how to be safe for others. I hope this helps or at least opens up some thought and conversation on the matter.

Opening my heart, in my home, to you…Kim.

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