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Unveiled and Untangled

Under the stars, under the sea, under the tree with the red and yellow leaves

Under the wind whistling through the barn, under the moon round – golden and orange

Under the breath, screaming whispers

Under the stares, shooting glares

Under the covers, shaking fear.

Under the spite, deep scars.

Under the hotdog, mustard dropping on my new pink shirt

Under the stain, heart beating pain

Under the pain, resting peace.


Under the light, beaming truth.

Under the tangles, hanging pearls.

Under the mask, smiling little girl.

Under the veil, roaring courageous woman.

Underneath it all, me.

Unveiled and untangled.
kimdcrawford 1.5.18

One comment on “Unveiled and Untangled

  1. As I told you today. . . this Poem was a great way to start out you Poetry book.


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