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What is a Perfect Day?

1.Cup of coffee in a thick, heavy coffee cup with a story behind it.

2.Sleeping until you wake up with no alarms going off.

3.No threat of tornado.

4.Being with a friend who makes you laugh about nothing until your face hurts.

5.Ice Cream.

6.Sitting by the ocean or floating in a pool.

7.Someone saying “you have lost weight.”

8.Hearing a child pray.

9.Realizing your puppy didn’t have an accident on the carpet or destroy another pair of shoes.

10.Watching a movie that touches your heart to the point that tears roll down your neck.

11.Feeling good in that particular pair of jeans.

12.Hearing a new song and putting it on repeat because you have to hear it again.


14.A surprise from your sweetheart…a touch, a word, a gift…a whatever.

15.That feeling when you worked so hard and it went so well.

16.Hugs. Someone saying, “Come here, let me hug you.”

17.Sun after the rain.

18.Grandbaby saying, “Cuddle me.”



21.And then those moments like today…

kim crawford 8.25.14

4.7.15 updated

1.5.2017 updated

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