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Favorite Place

Eddie’s Favorite Place

In a previous career, at times I would help at the front desk. The front of our office was all glass looking out to a sidewalk and parking lot shared by 3 offices. One afternoon I noticed a gentleman walking back and forth on the sidewalk. This happened often and was not unusual, but at second glance I noticed something remarkable. There was a dog standing on the man’s shoulders as he paced. He was not holding the dog at all, as his arms hung freely by his sides. The dog was not barking, but quietly stood tall upon the man’s shoulders with paws on each side of his head. I stepped out and said, “That is certainly a neat trick your dog is doing.” The man stopped, grinned, and pointed to his shoulders and  said, “This is Eddie and that is his favorite place to be.”

Eddie’s favorite place was on his master’s strong shoulders.

Stop for a moment.

Hold your arms up as a child does to his father.

Picture Jesus lifting you up onto his lap.

Neither of you say a word.

He wraps his comforting arms around you with a big hug,

Imagine that you climb up onto his shoulders.

He stands.

You stand on his steady, strong shoulders.

You feel safe.

You feel lifted from all the potholes, rocks, twists, and turns below you.

You know the trials are there but feel you are able to rise above it in wisdom, protection, and comfort.

You confidently and quietly move forward together.

Isaiah 30:15, “In quietness and in trust shall be your strength.”

Kim Crawford-Meeks

 copyright 6.15.17, 3.16.20

One comment on “Favorite Place

  1. Taking a break from Rounding, I read your Post. Love it!!!!


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