At sea

Drifting on water

In the darkness alone

Surrounded by engulfing black nothingness

Waves that rock you to nausea

Power that overcomes you and your vessel

No direction to go or person to call

No water to hydrate and no desire to drink

Nothing that soothes you or means anything at all anymore

No friend that can reach out or rescue you from it

Just when you are sure you will drown in the vast sorrow

You see the smallest glimmer of light and wonder if it is true

Could there possibly be any hope now after all that has happened?

A direction to follow and guide out of the sickening pain?

If only I could possibly jump from here to there

Yet the boat floats on rather than jumping ahead

The only way is to journey through it

To strive in darkness to the light

To accept the engulfing frightening waves

To float when too weak

To allow the journey

To travel to light

Knowing you changed

Accepting emotion


kim crawford 6.5.2017 copyright

3 comments on “Grief

  1. You hit the nail on the head as we say when describing grief. Been 2 years now since my mom passed. I have a fantastic sister and a great group of friends through my church. But when grief strikes it does not seem to matter. The fog reamerged after I just lost a dear friend from a heart attack he was just 56. I do find comfort from your blog. Somehow I do not feel as isolated in my grief.
    Thanks So much,
    God Bless

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  2. Praying for more comfort and love to come your way. Hugs from my heart to yours.


  3. Wow!!! Great choice of words! What inspired the illustration? Your application was filled with hope!


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