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There is a Time

The 4 year remembrance of the tornado brings many emotions and reminders. What I capture from walking down that memory lane are 2 lessons. We were as low as we could go and then as high as we could fly…

1.As low as we could go:

After going to the lowest place in our home, and scrunching down as small and close to the bottom of our home as we could get, we had nothing else we could for ourselves. Sometimes in life we find ourselves at rock bottom. Perhaps it is because of a storm coming faster than a freight train, or due to an addiction, a loss, or perhaps cruelty from another. Regardless of the circumstance, and regardless of whomever is to blame, the bottom is the only place remaining. There we were at the bottom of our home and crying out to Jesus.

There is a time when you need to realize there is nothing in your own will or abilities than can help, but surrender. Surrender to an almighty God.

2.As high as we could fly

After being as low as we could go and surrendering to the Lord’s power and mercy, we then went as high as we could fly. There is a time for everything. A time to surrender and then a time to reach up, reach out, get up, and get out. There is a time when God speaks and we adhere to His voice and wisdom. He makes a way and we take it. After the storm stilled, we couldn’t continue to stay as low as we could go. We couldn’t remain in the miry bog (Psalm 40). We couldn’t live in the rubble and brokenness of our home. We had to praise Him for His mercy and protection in voice and in action. We had to work. We had to sort through the rubble which was once our shelter, dig through rags that were our clothes, and piece together our treasures. We had to find and utilize the resources which were offered. We had to rebuild. We had to show our thankfulness by rebuilding our lives so that we could testify to God’s redemption. We had to rise above the muck and mire and soar as wings of eagles.

That night reminds me of Isaiah 40:31

“but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”

Wait on the Lord. He will renew your strength during that time of waiting and surrender.

You will then be able to run and not grow weary.

You will walk and not faint.

You will praise.

In the place you are in now, is it a time to be still and go as low as you can and cry out to Jesus, or is it time to get up and run; to fly above the rubble and soar?

Life brings change. What will we do with these seasons of change? Will we allow them to rob us of our joy?

Yes, the tornado changed us. In good ways, in bad ways, in funny ways, in strange ways. We are different due to this time of our lives. We remember the moment of stillness and crying out and then the hard work to rebuild. We praise Him for the protection but also for the change. Change isn’t ever easy, and sometimes not the way we would like for it to be, but what we do with that change is the difference.

There is a time to bow low and a time to fly high.

There is a time for everything (Eccl. 3)

kim crawford 01/25/15



One comment on “There is a Time

  1. Kim, your testimony always touches the deepest part of my spirit and gives me a certain hope to not give up. May God always work through you to bring Light into the dark valley’s of those you “touch” in the name of Christ.


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