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I’m Held by You

I have loved this song for some time, but it hit me the other day in a powerful way. Music is one of the highest forms of prayer. Praise connects us to the Holy Spirit, lifts our hearts, helps us forget – if even for a moment- our problems, reminds us He is here, He is loving, He is working, in us, for us, through us. This song reminded me…
After the tornado, I found an egg from someone’s refrigerator. It wasn’t mine for sure because mine were in the fridge which had rolled down the hill, all in the carton still. This tiny fragile egg came in a storm that destroyed hundreds of homes and knocked down thousands of trees. Just on the outskirt of the rubble of our home which crumbled on our backs, there it was. Unbroken.
It was held by God.
We are held by God.
Take a deep breath in, and say “I’m Held by You”
Blameless by Dara Maclean
What manner of love is this
That You would lay down Your life
You paid the price, the sacrifice for redemption
Now I am determined to know
Christ and Him crucified
Now alive and the power in me is You[CHORUS:]
Now blameless, You call me Holy
I’ve been forgiven, You call me righteous and free
Now spotless, You call me worthy
I am Your child, You call me chosen
I’m Yours, I am YoursI will boldly come
Running straight to the One
Singing over me
Your songs of salvation
No one can take this from me
I’m a child that You name free
Nothing will separate us
I’m held by You
Oh I know, oh I know I’m


I am Yours, I am Yours, I am Yours
And I am Yours, I am Yours, I am Yours
I am Yours, yes I am, yes I am


kimcrawford 02.02.16

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