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always good

So, I have written about the good the last two days.

Tonight I have a few thoughts first.

Please understand these thoughts come from a tired girl. Very little sleep the last few nights.

Bad news Sunday.

Weird news Tuesday.

Sometimes we do what is best because, well it is the best thing to do.

That does not mean it feels good.

Sometimes what is best feels bad and hurts more than we think we can stand.

Sometimes we are misunderstood.

Sometimes we don’t understand ourselves.  Usually we don’t, but we sure try to defend what we don’t understand!

Sometimes we need to just hug each other.

Sometimes we need to be quiet.  I need to be quiet.

Sometimes we have to say good-bye.  For those of you who prayed for Billy…I found out today he will not be back in our office.  I must say good-bye.  I don’t like good-bye.  I prefer holding on tight and never letting go. 

Wednesday good….deep breath and…

Butterfly clip gifts and a giant diamond with a butterfly in the center

Coffee..always on the list

Friend in the hospital sounding good

Friend who suffers sounding good

Friend who is lonely offers companionship…from far away.

Fuzzy socks in warm snuggly beds after a cold Wednesday.

And a fish with bubble cheeks we should name Tangelo.

always some good, always

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