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this God’s way

Working out should make us fat and eating Reese Cups should make us skinny

We should be born with wrinkles and get younger looking as we get older

We should be born extremely wealthy and work hard to get rid of money instead of earn it

Loneliness should only be experienced because you are alone and not when you are with someone who you yearn to be with

Doing Math should be more like lying on the beach relaxing

The work week should be 2 days and the week-end 5 days

Teenagers should obey their parents, obey all traffic laws, and love cleaning their rooms

Men should love looking at their wives more than at football, and certainly more than other women

Men should know their wives better than the stats of the AL quarterback from 1972

Women should never get their feelings hurt and laugh more instead of crying, and know that their husband is probably going to know sports stats more than her

Of course, if we mix it all up and turn it around then I guess

We would be in Heaven for 9 months and spend eternity in the womb or on Earth…

Nay…let’s just do this God’s way

God’s way

Kim Crawford Copyright Feb 3 2010

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