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Ready – Aim – Be G

In Children’s Ministry at Crosspoint Baptist Church we are learning how to BE G – be like God (Ephesians 5:1-2).

At Crosspoint, Ryan teaches us that we are all ministers.  Today the Crosspoint kids were ministers.

They took action to be like God.

They divided into 4 groups.  The first group made creative and awesome posters.  They want to teach others what it means to be like God.  These will be displayed in the chuch.  The second group made a video telling what it means to be like God.  The third group was our thankful ministry.  They wrote thank you notes to Pastor Ryan and put them all over his car.  The fourth group loved in deed and not just word.  They were the hug ministry.  The huggers went to adult classes and gave out love and hugs.

Let these children be an example to all of us this week.  Let’s all try to be more like God (kindness, gentleness, humility, love, patience, goodness, compassion, self-control).

Crosspoint kids – You Rock!!!!

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