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You Were a Blessing

Your responses have reached out to someone already. After putting all of the love definitions that you sent me into one list, I posted it, printed 2 copies, and stuck them in my Bible.  I went for a mani-pedi today and carried my Bible in with me. One of the girls at work suggested a nail shop I have never used. The girl who did my nails had quite a story. The other night she told her boyfriend that she might run out of gas. He told her it would be fine. Go home. It will be fine. She ran out of gas. She was going to push the car out of the way and go for help. The car ran over her. She was bleeding and clothes were torn. Everyone told her to go to the hospital. The boyfriend said she would be fine and told her not to go. He had to take his friends home and couldn’t help her. Thankfully, she is sore, cut, and bruised but okay. Before I left the shop I remembered I had a copy of your definitions of love with me. I left it and a Crosspoint card with her.

There were many things the boyfriend could have done…followed her to the gas station….taken her to the hospital…

What he did not do was care. He said she would be fine because he didn’t care. He did not love her when she needed it the most. Let’s pray for her that she will read your definitions of love and allow God to love her and wait on a Godly man.

Thank you all for being a blessing!

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