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I Sing Because

I think our generation is blessed. We grew up on hymns, but also learned praise songs along the way and witnessed contemporary Christian music become, not just another service we are adding to please the younger folks, but new music added to our options to lift our hearts in melody by all ages. The sad part to me is that now we are seeing the hymns as the tolerated songs. I’m right in the middle of that road and proud to be here. I love the hymns my Granny sang and hummed and we shared. As children, how excited Christy, Michelle, and Sonya and I were to raise our hands and request “I Shall Not Be Moved” or one of our other favorites. We didn’t grow up with multiple hymnals either. It was this one. The Church Hymnal. When I visited other Baptist churches and they had a different hymn book with other songs I was quite shocked. I thought this was the Church Hymnal…one and only. Oh but it’s not. Thankfully, there are many.

God gave the writers of hymns the inspiration. Often, they were writing from a personal experience. God is still inspiring and gifting writers to write their experiences and praise to song. I’m sad for generations who don’t appreciate the hymns and for those who don’t love praise songs. I’m really sad for generations who now don’t learn any of the hymns. After all, who doesn’t want to, Just Have a Little Talk with Jesus, Tell Him all about your troubles…..

Kim Crawford-Meeks


One comment on “I Sing Because

  1. Dear friend and sis,

    I concur with you. The depth of theology in the classic Hymns are (in many ways) unsurpassed by a lot of contemporary praise songs today.

    You are truly one who offers your spiritual gifts to others, and we are blessed. Thank you for touching me in my spirit through a rich walk through memory lane today.


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