Silent Night

Silent night

In the images above do you find your silent night?

Which night takes you away to a place

A place of quiet

A place of peace

A place of hope

A place of stillness

A place of escape

A place of everything that has ever been

A place of nothing

A place where your soul becomes more alive

A place where your soul speaks more loudly than all the voices you’ve ever heard

A place where your soul sings a song you’ve never known and will never forget

A place where your soul reminds you that you are eternal

A place where the soul shouts, “Don’t forget about me!”

A place where the soul whispers, “Don’t forget about me.”

A place where you don’t have to please anyone

A place where you meet you

A place where you meet God

A place where you rest.

Silent night. Holy night.

All is calm. All is bright.

A place to be silent.

A place to feel Holy.

A place of calm.

A place where the twinkle of bright shines in the vast darkness.

Round yon virgin mother and child.

A place to feel like a child.

Holy infant so tender and mild.

A place to offer tenderness to yourself.

A place to forgive yourself.

Sleep in heavenly peace.

A place of peace.

Silent night.

Which image is your silent night?

Go into the silent night.

Silent night….

Kim Crawford Meeks



2 comments on “Silent Night

  1. Gosh!!!! I love the flow of this poem. It’s a peaceful experience for me to read it. Truly a beautiful job. Recommendation…hand it out to people who are lonely or in some kind of pain.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the peace you brought me with this poem.


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